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Upset Watch: Super Bowl LIII

It's the big one, can the Rams get an upset against the Patriots? Upset Watch breaks down the stats that matter...

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Upset Watch Conference Championship Games 2019

It's the final four, but will it be the new breed or the old guard who make it to the Super Bowl?

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Upset Watch - Divisional Round

Upset time! Can the Rams and Chiefs avoid going one and done? Can the Eagles upset a team that beat them by 41 points in week 11?

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Upset Watch: Wild Card Round

With only 4 games, let's take a look at the statistical strengths of each team in the wild card round...

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Upset Watch Week 17

One final upset watch to rule them all... at least in the regular season. Will weakened teams lead to more or less upsets? Let's delve into the final slate of 2018...

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Upset Watch Week 16

The last truly competitive week of the season, can the underdogs maintain their intensity against teams with something to play for?

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Upset Watch Week 15

It's crunch time in the NFL, with asurprising amount of teams still in playoff contention in both the NFC and AFC.

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Upset Watch Week 15 Thursday and Saturday Games

Three early games this week means three opportunities to see what happens to the underdogs in prime time...

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Upset Watch Week 14

Can the freefalling Falcons outduel the freefalling (and coachless) Packers with a 5 point spread? Upset Watch has this week's underdog covers...

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Upset Watch Week 14 - TNF

It's Thursday night, but can the Jags upset the Titans on the road with Cody Kessler at the helm?

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