About Us

About Us:

We all know that data is the king when it comes to making better decisions in sports.

Pickwatch helps over a million NFL and College football fans source picks from the very best experts and users in the NFL media and fanbase.

Our job is to help you make your picks each week. Whether you're in a pick'em pool, betting on sport in one of the newly legal areas, or entering our weekly, monthly and yearly contests, we can give you the best chance to win cash each week.

What we do

We track three core datasets and transform them into easily searchable and customizable dashboards that you can come back to week after week during the NFL season.

  • The experts at every media network, many of whom enter picks directly into our system.
  • Our users, who have made millions of picks over the last five years.
  • The stats, trends and analytics from every game over the last twenty years.

Pickwatch began back in 2012 and we've allowed our users to pick games from 2014, which means we have an extensive historical database to draw upon. You can check an expert's lifetime record, or drill down into how well they pick a certain team, or check out our custom stats such as 'Clutch' and 'Against the Grain' stats, that narrow the focus to find out which experts and users truly know what they're talking about.

What's new for 2019?

We've been hard at work this offseason, but the changes aren't simply cosmetic. This version of Pickwatch is designed in a way that allows you to personalize your experience and rewards those who register, saving your own customized version of the site every week.

  • Customize the table columns and fields - you want to include last season's data each week? Sure, why not! Want to add the expert's clutch ranking in there? Be our guest!
  • Save your customized view - when you're done customizing the table, save it and you're set for next week without lifting a finger!
  • Your custom insights - make your picks and receive feedback on where you have done well, where you can get better, and which experts or users you should follow to boost your rankings
  • New stats section - We have added 20 years worth of play by play data from EVERY game played in the NFL, with every team's strengths and weaknesses assessed in real time, so you can see exactly how a matchup compares.
  • Hot users and experts - That's right, you can now see drilldown of which users and experts are hot RIGHT NOW (metaphorically, we don't use a thermometer...) with their picks. With millions of picks, this is essential information to get on board with the best of the best.
  • Live player injury updates and depth charts - we know how important this is, and it's now a prominent feature on our site, thanks to our partnership with Rotowire.
  • Many more features are listed in our development blog!

Is it free?

Most of our content is completely free, with only a free registration needed to access the personalized content. You can make picks, win prizes and view experts without ever paying.

In 2019 we are offering a number of advanced, exclusive features that we have tested over the last few years to give you data that can directly help you win $.

  • Get personalized feedback on your picks

  • Access to all expert stat breakdowns

  • Select favorites and save them for automated picks

  • Create customized lists of experts and name them (eg: My Giants experts to follow)

  • Access all historical data

  • Export tables to excel

  • subscribe to experts and automate your picks based on theirs

  • Customize the tables on our site with your own preferred views and data

  • Get achievements when you beat experts, beat other users, and go on hot streaks!

  • Enter our free to play user contests and win money from our prize pool of thousands of dollars!

  • Don't go with your gut, go with the DATA.

Pickwatch is free, but it's even better with our premium services that are coming in 2019. Pick strong, pick with the data.