As legal online sports betting rolls out accross many states, it can be hard to stay up to date with the status of each one.

We have produced a state betting guide for each legal state and cover everything you need to know. A simple overview of how the landscape lies and a list of which sportsbook options you have to choose from can be found right here at Pickwatch.

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New Jersey






Legal Sports Betting is still new

In order for legal online betting to be allowed in a particular state, the state needs to agree and create a new bill. Some states are proactive and get this done as quick as they possibly can. Whilst others, prefer to take a more detailed approach and draw out the whole process. 

Due to the popularity of online betting, it is in every states interest to legalize it. The tax income that this leisure activity can generate is significant and would be useful to any state. 

New Jersey were the first state to pass their bill and as such have gone down in history as having the first ever legal sports bet placed in their state. This happened in May 2018 at Monmouth Park.

Since then, we have seen over 20 states pass bills for sports betting and at least a further 15 are in the process. 

Offshore to Licensed

For so many years the US people have had to risk betting with offshore bookies but now we have a new era ahead. Although it's currently reported that billions of dollars is still being wagered each year with offshore books but these numbers are reducing each month as the bettors more to legal sportsbook accounts.

It is so much afer to gamble with a legal sportsbook. they are regulated and as such, you have the backing of the state when it comes to anything regarding your money and payouts. 

An offshore bookie has no legal right to pay you. If they need or want the cash, you will not be getting yours.