Best Wyoming Online Sportsbooks And Apps

Wyoming passed HB 133 on April 5, 2021, and with that began the process of joining the list of U.S. sports betting states. Although it took a few months before the state started offering betting services, the Wyoming Gaming Commission got sports betting up and running relatively quickly by September 1, 2021.


At the time, the Gaming Commission approved only two sportsbooks in DraftKings and BetMGM, which are to date the only available online sportsbooks in the state. That makes Wyoming a betting state with one of the smallest selections of sportsbooks in the country.


Regardless, more sportsbooks are set to join the Wyoming sports betting market soon, and while it may take a while longer before Wyoming properly blossoms into a full-blown betting state, the Cowboy State has found itself on the right path to do so.


The expected increase in the number of sportsbooks available in the state is mostly due to Wyoming's welcoming fees and relatively low taxes. Wyoming has a 10% tax on sports betting and a $100,000 initial fee for a five-year license, which can be renewed for only $50,000 after.


Furthermore, you can be sure that the offer of sportsbooks will increase by at least three, which is required by the state law. So while the selection is rather small now, that's bound to change in 2022. Learn more about the sport betting with the NFLPickwatch NHL Picks resources

Best Online Wyoming Sportsbooks 

As noted, there are only two sportsbooks available in Wyoming, including BetMGM and DraftKings, which launched on September 1, 2021. This theoretically makes them two of the best online Wyoming sportsbooks; however, that is definitely not the only reason why they deserve to have this tag.


Both are big players in the U.S. betting market and two of the best sportsbooks in the country. So while they are the only two available in Wyoming currently, the state's bettors are guaranteed a quality betting experience, no matter which they choose.


Top WY Sportsbooks

1. BetMGM
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2. Draftkings
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3. FanDuel
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DraftKings officially entered the Wyoming sports betting market after the operator received a green light from the Wyoming Gaming Commission. As it stands now, DraftKings' main competitor, FanDuel, has yet to launch its app in the state; however, it's been confirmed to become Wyoming's third betting operator by late 2021 or early 2022


DraftKings is one of the most well-known and well-respected online sportsbooks in the United States, and it's holding up its reputation in Wyoming. As one of the first sportsbooks in the state, DraftKings has gained a substantial head start ahead of the competition, but it's not like it needed it to attract bettors.


The sportsbook is getting high grades for its betting experience, including a fantastic mobile betting app, competitive odds, vast markets, and exceptional bonuses and promotions. DraftKing is many bettor's go-to-choice, and it's very easy to see why.


Even creating an account with DraftKings is straightforward, and the best part is the $1000 welcome bonus, which gets awarded to your account upon your first deposit. Talking about deposits, DraftKings boasts an impressive selection of banking options, with more deposit and withdrawal methods than you would ever need.


All deposits and withdrawals are also without any fees, although DraftKings makes sure to remind you that some third-party fees may apply. Still, the withdrawal processes are fast and don't take more than three working days, regardless of your choice.


All in all, DraftKings is a great sportsbook and an excellent addition to Wyoming's betting market. 


BetMGM is a huge name in the U.S. betting world and easily one of the top choices for professional bettors. However, while it attacks many serious punters, BetMGM also caters to less-experienced and casual online sports bettors.


Since it rebranded and restructured the site, BetMGM has earned the tag as one of the best mobile apps, and rightly so. It offers a top-of-the-line betting experience and is by many standards the best mobile betting app for in-play betting and live streaming.


Adding to BetMGM app features, the app is clean, fast, stable, and user-friendly. It works on iOS and Android devices and is downloadable for free on App Store and Google Play.


Besides the excellent betting app, BetMGM also has all the basics covered. It has one of the largest selection of betting markets in the industry, very competitive odds, and generous bonuses and promotions. 


All that explains why BetMGM has been blazing across the U.S. and quickly amassed a large following of bettors who view it as nothing less than the best online sportsbook. That is not too far from the truth, and while you can always choose DraftKings over BetMGM as your go-to sportsbook and feel good about it, there is no reason not to give BetMGM a shot.

Popular Sports In Wyoming

As many know, Wyoming does not have any professional sports teams, which is mainly due to how sparsely populated the state is. There's just not enough room to build major stadiums, and the only room Wyoming has is located on its southern border.


Regardless, that doesn't mean that sports aren't widespread in Wyoming. In fact, sports are extremely popular, and so are professional teams, but mainly Colorado's.


Interestingly, Wyoming's most popular sports team is Colorado Rockies, with the Broncos not too far behind. But those are not the only sports teams that have large fan bases in the Cowboy State.


As revealed by internet data, Wyoming is also home to the Kansas City Chiefs, Diamonds, and the Dodgers fans. Beyond that, there are also Cowboys supporters, so you can be sure that sports are not something Wyoming residents are not passionate about.


And with the sports fan bases also come sports bettors, evident in the popularity of sports betting on Wyoming sportsbooks. Even though the state is not home to any major sports team, the sportsbooks offer generous markets and bonuses on NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL matches.


While the major leagues attract the most Wyoming bettors, college sports are also prevalent in the state and on the sportsbooks, mainly thanks to the legalization of in-state college betting.


Since Wyoming does not own any professional teams, its college teams fill in the gap, mainly the Wyoming Cowboys, which have football and basketball teams that are particularly popular among Wyoming bettors.


Outside of betting on the four major leagues and college games, Wyoming bettors can also bet on many other sports. That also includes exotic markets such as rodeos, which are very popular in the state, although the odds might be hard to find as not many sportsbooks are familiar with the sport.

Betting Options In Wyoming Sportsbooks 

Betting options in Wyoming are limited to only two sportsbooks in BetMGM and DraftKings, but that's hardly a negative. BetMGM and DraftKings are two of the top sports betting providers in the country, so while Wyoming bettors can only choose between the two, the quality of the betting experience is guaranteed.


However, things are going to get even better with time as more sportsbooks enter the state. And it's all but guaranteed at least three more will become available soon since the state law dictates there must be at least five sportsbooks up and running.


Some of the names that have popped up as potential candidates to enter the Wyoming betting market are BetRivers, FanDuel, and PointsBet. With those joining DraftKings and BetMGM, Wyoming will round up a list of five of the top U.S. sportsbooks.


All five are massive operators with more than enough money to secure a Wyoming betting license. So you can definitely feel confident about what the future of the Wyoming betting market will look like with three more heavyweights knocking on the doors.


While they all own and offer mobile betting apps, it's unclear how they will approach opening retail locations. The Northern Arapaho tribe owns Wyoming's casinos, so the retail sportsbooks will either come from tribal casinos or a partnership with one of the major sportsbooks brands – FanDuel and DraftKings will be the two most likely candidates.


But while we can look into the future and speculate what might and will happen, the current betting options in Wyoming are not as limited as they may seem. Admittedly, there are only two sportsbooks, but both have vast markets for Wyoming bettors to choose from, and there is no shortage of different bet types.


Beyond that, college betting is legal in the state, which is a massive positive largely due to the popularity of college teams in the state. So if we draw a line, betting options in Wyoming are plenty.

Legislation For Online Sports Betting on Wyoming

It took Wyoming a while to start exploring the option of introducing sports betting, and it wasn't until February 2021 that a republican representative, Tom Walters, introduced House Bill (Wyoming's betting bill). At the time, the bill was presented in hopes of shutting down Wyoming's illegal sports betting industry and has done so successfully.


However, it is worth noting that it was not the first time Walters tried passing a sports betting bill. He did the same in 2020, but the effort failed and was delayed by a year. 


Still, Walters used that time to gain support, which helped him renew the effort to pass a sports betting bill in which he was successful, effectively paving the way towards the legalization of sports betting.


Despite all the obstacles Wyoming had to go through to pass the bill, an additional bump in the road could've derailed the legalization completely. On his third house reading, the HB 133 was rejected with 28-32, and it wasn't until after a reconsideration vote took place, four house representatives decided to switch their votes to 32-28.


The major issue House representatives had with accepting the bill was the rising rates of gambling addiction across the country and the social cost associated with legalizing sports betting in the state. Regardless, the argument favoring sports betting, stating that betting is happening anyway and that Wyoming should do what it can to make it regulated and safe won that day.


An additional concern some house representatives had, namely conservatives, was the possibility of opening more casinos. However, the bill was only about online betting, which is the main reason why it won them over.


Wyoming Sports Betting Timeline:


February 2020 – Tom Walters introduces a bill as Wyoming's first attempt at sports betting, but the bill gets voted down 27-32-1 a few weeks later.


January 2021 – From March 2020 to January 2021, Walters gathers support for a new sports betting bill.


February 2021 – HB 133 is introduced in the Wyoming House of Representatives.


March 10, 2021 – HB 133 passes the House after a reconsideration vote, hands the sports betting into the hands of the Senate.


March 29, 2021 – HB 133 passes the Wyoming Senate.


April 2021 – Governor of Wyoming signed the HB133.


July 2021 - Wyoming Gaming Commission (WGC) publishes application and licensing procedures to all sportsbook applicants.


September 1, 2021 – Sports betting goes live in the state, while the WGC approves BetMGM and DraftKings as Wyoming's first official operators.

What to Consider When Shopping For The Best Wyoming Online Sportsbooks and Apps


Picking out the right sportsbook for you might sound simple and straightforward, and it is most of the time. However, doing so efficiently requires a bit more dedication and knowledge.


While the whole process might sound tedious and unnecessary, it will pay dividends in the long run, as picking out the sportsbook with only slightly better odds than its competitor could result in much higher total profits years from now. And that brings us to the first thing you should consider when shopping for the best online sportsbook – the quality of the odds.


The prices on most of the top sportsbooks will be similar, but keep in mind that no sportsbooks offer the same odds. That is especially noticeable if you compare odds on specific sports or leagues.


Some sportsbooks will offer better odds on football but have poorer prices for basketball, while others might have great odds on hockey, yet their pricing on baseball matches will be below the industry standard. That is very important to keep in mind, as it will help you find the right sportsbook for your needs.


So if you're a bettor who primarily wagers on baseball, it makes sense to find a sportsbook that is known for great baseball odds. And the only way to know which sportsbook that might be is to have multiple accounts and compare odds.


The second thing is the betting markets. Like it's the case with the betting odds, most top sportsbooks will have vast betting markets for you to explore and bet on. However, not all sportsbooks' markets are the same.


If you're betting on any major sports such as NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB, you shouldn't worry too much about the market offer – granted; some sportsbooks will offer more lines and prop bets. However, if you're into betting on more exotic markets and sports such as table tennis, darts, and others, you will need to look for a sportsbook that has those sports covered.


The third thing any bettor should consider when picking out a sportsbook is its mobile betting app. While bettors who prefer using their computers won't care too much about the app, mobile bettors should.


Since most top sportsbooks have done an excellent job in creating a fast, reliable, and stable mobile betting app, picking the right one for you won't be as difficult. And most of the time, it will come down to personal preference – the app's aesthetics.


Lastly, you should check the sportsbooks' banking options, as well as promotions and bonuses. However, these three factors aren't as crucial since banking options are usually reasonably extensive on all sportsbooks, while bonuses and promotions tend to be highly competitive across the industry.


Admittedly, some sportsbooks have better bonuses than others, but the differences aren't as noticeable, so it shouldn't be the main reason why you pick one sportsbook over another.



Sports betting has been legal in Wyoming since September 2021, meaning you can bet in the Cowboy State; however, your options are somewhat limited. The biggest negative of Wyoming online betting is that there are only two available sportsbooks in BetMGM and DraftKings.


But even though Wyoming bettors have fairly limited options on where they can bet, having two of the top sportsbooks in the United States available is a positive. So unless you are strictly against using BetMGM or DraftKings, your sports betting experience won't suffer.


What's more, we can expect more operators to join Wyoming with time, so with some patience, Wyoming will blossom into a proper betting state. As reported, the next sportsbooks to enter the state are BetRivers, PointsBet, and FanDuel, with the latter expected to launch in Wyoming by late 2021 or early 2022.


Besides the limited selection of sportsbooks, Wyoming has done well to transform itself into a betting state. There aren't any restrictions on what you can bet on, and you can even wager on in-state college teams.


And if you're wondering about the security of Wyoming sports betting apps, the state took an extra step to ensure all apps are legal and safe, requiring sportsbooks to send their hardware and software to the Wyoming Gaming Commission for review.


Wyoming is not one of the biggest U.S. betting states, and it likely won't become one for a long time. But the betting experience is solid, and there isn't much Wyoming bettors can complain about, especially once the Cowboy State expands its offer of online sportsbooks.