Best Virginia Online Sportsbooks And Apps

Sports betting in Virginia officially launched on January 21, 2021, and is to date regarded as the most surprising development in the post-PASPA era. And while not many expected Virginia to introduce sports betting in the state.  The Old Dominion has done a tremendous job in developing its market, introducing eight legal sports betting apps to date, with more on the way.


As a state that has very rarely been associated with any kind of betting or gambling, Virginia has made it clear that it's serious about developing its betting market. However, it has done so cautiously.


When Virginia introduced sports betting, it had not made any plans on opening land-based casinos and is instead one of the few states in the country that offers online-only gambling. However, with the success sports betting has achieved, land-based casinos with retail sportsbooks will also become available for Virginia sports bettors within the next few years.


The fact that the Old Dominion doesn't have any casinos presented some logistical problems when trying to legalize sports betting. Virginia has found itself in a similar position as Tennessee, but the lack of casinos hasn't been too big of an issue - like in the Volunteer State.


So while Virginia bettors are limited to only online sportsbooks and betting via mobile betting apps, that can hardly be viewed as a negative. That is mainly due to Virginia's large selection of online sportsbooks and excellent betting apps they offer, which are sure to satisfy any bettors' thirst for sports betting.

Best Online Virginia Sportsbooks 


There are currently eight legal sports betting apps available in Virginia, which is plenty for any sports bettor to find the one that is right for them. And the fact that Virginia's list of available sportsbooks includes some of the biggest players in the industry makes the whole process of picking a solid sports betting app even easier.


And while the relatively large selection of sportsbooks puts Virginia bettors in an enviable spot where almost any decision they make results in a solid betting experience, there are a few names that stand out as the best online Virginia sportsbooks.


Since there are no casinos in the state, the sportsbooks don't have a Virginia betting partner. However, they're all licensed by the VA Lottery, meaning they're legal, safe, and regulated.


Top VA Sportsbooks

1. BetMGM
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2. Draftkings
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3. FanDuel
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Many know DraftKings as a Daily Fantasy Sports provider, but unless you've been living under a rock, you should know that DraftKings is a major player in the sports betting industry as well. Since transitioning from offering only DFS to online sports betting, DraftKings emerged as one of the top U.S. online sportsbooks, largely thanks to its enormous market depth and highly competitive odds.


While a massive advantage over other sportsbooks, its odds and market depth are not DraftKings' only selling point. Instead, it's its exceptional mobile betting app, the quality of which trumps most big names in the industry.


The app is clean, safe, fast, and stable; basically everything you would ever expect in an excellent sports betting app. The layout is simple, easy to navigate, and user-friendly, suitable for bettors of all experience levels, which also explains why DraftKings is the go-to sportsbooks for many mobile bettors.


Beyond that, DraftKings has also gained recognition for its bonuses and promotions, which pop up daily and offer an added value to its customers. Every time there's a big game, you can be sure DraftKings will have a special promotion ready, and that is just on top of the generous sign-up bonus that is available for all new users.


DraftKings is a big name in Virginia, and you can see why. Why not learn more about bets such as  NFL Picks against the spread with the NFLPickWatch resources.


As a brand mostly known for its casinos, BetMGM has transformed into one of the leading online sportsbooks in the United States. Admittedly, it has had a rough start, but it quickly started gaining traction after BetMGM changed its mobile betting app.


BetMGM's betting app is also its main selling point and the sportsbooks' most exciting feature. Talking about exciting features, BetMGM was the first sportsbook to offer single-game parlays, early cashouts, and a tool to edit your bets after it's already been placed.


And there is no sportsbook out there that does parlay betting better than BetMGM, with its Parlay Plus feature, which increases parlay payouts by up to 40%.


Besides its excellent promotions and one of the highest-rated mobile betting apps, BetMGM is also known for its exceptional market depth and highly competitive odds. Most people pick BetMGM for exactly those two reasons, and as noted above, BetMGM is especially popular amongst parlay bettors.


If we draw a line, BetMGM offers everything you would ever expect in a solid sportsbook and is one of the top picks amongst Virginia bettors.


FanDuel was one of the first sportsbooks to launch in Virginia through a partnership with the Washington Football Team, which was the first NFL team to partner with an online sportsbook. And being one of the first sportsbooks available to Virginia bettors surely helped FanDuel amass a large following.


However, it's fair to say that FanDuel would have attracted plenty of bettors to its mobile betting app regardless of when it would launch. And that is because FanDuel is widely considered to be one of the top betting providers in the United States.


FanDuel boasts one of the largest markets in the business, very competitive odds, and one of the top mobile betting apps. The latter has gained recognition for its clean look, responsiveness, speed, and overall app construction.


It has everything you would expect from a mobile betting app from a reputable sportsbook and has clearly been made to cater to both experienced and casual bettors. Besides all that, FanDuel also has a nice range of promotions and bonuses, including odds boosts.


All in all, you can't go wrong with picking FanDuel as your online sportsbook in Virginia, and there are plenty of bettors who can confirm that.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars is one of the most recognizable names in the gambling industry and is especially popular amongst online bettors. Even though that has not always been the case, Caesars Sportsbooks reached new levels of popularity after it acquired William Hill and integrated the mobile app into its brand.


Caesars Sportsbook launched in Virginia in August 2021 and quickly rose to the top of the list of the most popular online sportsbooks in the state. Caesars has a very generous selection of betting markets like many top sportsbooks, while its betting odds are well above the industry standard.


Even when it comes to promotions and bonuses, Caesars is right up there with the best, providing its customers with plenty of ways to find an additional value when betting. 


The mobile betting app is also considered to be one of the best in the industry, which isn't as surprising considering it has been made in partnership with a household name in the gambling world - William Hill. 


Caesars Sportsbook might not be as famous as FanDuel, while its app isn't as highly rated as DraftKings’, but that doesn't take away from the great betting experience the sportsbook provides to its customers, making Caesars a no-brainer pick as one of the go-to online sportsbooks.


BetRivers is expected to open a retail sportsbook inside the Portsmouth casino once the construction is complete. Meanwhile, Virginia bettors can enjoy BetRivers online sportsbook, which is known for being one of the best welcome bonuses and promotions in the U.S. betting industry.


Every new BetRivers customer can double its first deposit by up to $250, which is an excellent way to start your betting journey with the sportsbook. What's more, the wagering requirement is 1x the deposit, so you are able to bet the amount through any combination of bets, as long as the odds are -200 or longer. 


Besides the generous welcome bonus, BetRivers offers excellent promotions, including daily odds boosts and a great loyalty program. And we can't forget to mention its mobile betting app, which holds the tag as one of the highest-rated betting apps in the U.S.


BetRivers also provides an overall solid betting experience with a solid selection of betting markets and great odds across all sports. All in all, BetRivers is a solid choice for all Virginia bettors.


Unibet is one of the world's most reputable international gaming brands, a title it had held even before it expanded into the U.S. sports betting market. The company has previously operated across Europe and made its first entry into the U.S. in 2019 in New Jersey before joining Virginia in April 2021.


Even though Unibet was a bit late to the party in the Old Dominion, it is not lacking behind its competition in popularity. That is because Unibet should be your go-to choice when betting on the NFL as an online sportsbook with one of the best football odds and a selection of betting markets.


Unibet also offers excellent promotions and bonuses to any customer who places NFL bets and additional cash prizes for placing a winner of the Super Bowl. And if that isn't enough – Unibet offers excellent parlay profit boosters, which increase the payout by up to 50%.


Even though Unibet is mostly known for its excellent offer on football bets, it does not lack markets on other sports as well. All in all, Unibet is a great choice and one of the biggest players in the Virginia mobile betting market.

Popular Sports In Virginia

There was a huge demand for online sports betting in Virginia, in large part because Virginians are sports fanatics. That is even though Virginia doesn't have a professional sports franchise.


Regardless, sports betting is huge in the state, and one sport that stands out from the rest is football. That makes sense because the Washington Football Team has its practice facilities and headquarters in Northern Virginia. 


Like the Washington Football Team, the NHL's Washington Capitals also travel to Virginia for practice, which boosts the popularity of hockey and, ultimately, hockey betting in the state.

Since the Washington Football Team and the Washington Capitals are two of the most popular teams in Virginia, it shouldn't surprise anyone that most Virginia online sports bets are placed on NHL and the NFL. For the same reasons, many sportsbooks offer special promotions and bonuses whenever either of the two teams plays.


However, even the NBA fans aren't let down with the promotions as many sportsbooks offer bonuses on games involving the Washington Wizards. As a result, they hold the tag as the third-most-popular team in Virginia. 


When we talk about popular sports and leagues, we can't forget about college sports. But, unfortunately, Virginia has placed heavy limitations on college sports by not allowing any in-state college betting.

Betting Options In Virginia Sportsbooks 

Besides the restrictions put on in-state college betting, the betting experience in Virginia is solid, largely because the bettors have plenty of online sportsbooks to choose from. And not only that, but the list of available online sportsbooks in Virginia includes all of the biggest brands in the industry – including FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and more.


The large selection of sportsbooks also presents Virginia bettors with a wide arrange of sports betting markets to choose from. This effectively means you're able to bet on any sport imaginable – from the top leagues to second and even third-division leagues.


Despite the limitations on in-state college betting, Virginia bettors can still bet on college sports that happen outside of the state. However, proposition bets and live betting are still prohibited.


Although not a huge issue in the greater picture, not being able to bet on Virginia Tech and Virginia State University is a bummer for Virginia bettors. On a more positive note, you can still bet on a plethora of other leagues and sports without any limitations and restrictions, so overall, betting options in Virginia are plenty.

Legislation For Online Sports Betting on Virginia

Virginia's path to legalizing sports betting was a rough and hard-fought one. Even though the federal ban on sports betting was lifted in 2018, Virginia's lawmakers did not start debating whether to legalize sports betting in the state until 2019.


And then it took a few more months before the lawmakers finally reached a conclusion. By spring, the Virginia Senate and House put together a bill outlining sports betting rules and restrictions, but the propositions did not go down well with Governor Ralph Northam, who made a number of changes, further delaying the legalization of sports betting.


However, Northam did not stand in the way of the process and allowed both bills to pass the Senate and House, and finally signed the bill in April 2020. Sports betting became officially legal in July 2020.


Online and mobile betting followed in January 2021.


Virginia Sports Betting Timeline


May 2018 – Sports betting ban is lifted


April 2020 – SB 284 and HB 896 pass the Virginia Senate and House, Gov. Ralph Northam signs both bills and legalizes sports betting.


July 2020 – Sports betting becomes legal; temporary sports betting regulations are introduced.


August 2020 – The Virginia Lottery updates sportsbook draft regulations.


September 2020 – The Lottery publishes official sports betting regulations.


October 2020 – Virginia Lottery accepts license applications from sportsbooks


November 2020 – A referendum is held across the state's cities, deciding whether they will allow casinos to be built.


January 2021 – Virginia launches online and mobile sports betting.

What to Consider When Shopping For The Best Virginia Online Sportsbooks and Apps

Picking the right sportsbook and mobile app for you is never easy, but it becomes easier when you have a large selection of great sports betting operators to choose from. Still, there are a few things you should consider before making an account.


When deciding on which sportsbooks you will use, you need to check the availability of betting markets and the quality of the odds it offers. While most sportsbooks are fairly similar in that department, there are some slight differences, as some sportsbooks might offer lines on leagues and sports others don't.


However, if you're betting only on the major leagues and sports, the market availability shouldn't concern you too much since all sportsbooks will offer odds on NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, and other major competitions. Besides checking the available markets, you should keep an eye on the odds and pick the sportsbook that offers the best price on the sport you're planning to bet on the most.


The mobile betting app's quality is also an essential element of picking the right sportsbook – especially if you're a mobile bettor. A great app needs to have three things – it needs to be fast, reliable, and stable – so if you find one that checks all the boxes you're set to go. 


It is also important to note that some apps have more features than others, so keep an eye on that and pick the features you require.


Bonuses and promotions can add some value to your betting experience, but they shouldn't be the main factor that makes you pick one sportsbook over the other. Similarly, the appearance of the app should be secondary, granted you should always pick a sportsbook whose visuals are appealing to you.


Virginia was relatively slow in legalizing sports betting, but it finally happened in 2020. Furthermore, it took a few more months for online and mobile betting to launch in the state, yet even that hurdle is now behind us, turning Virginia into a full-blown betting state.


Having been in the market for over a year now, Virginia features plenty of excellent online sportsbooks to choose from. And based on the selection of big brand names, you can rest assured that a quality betting experience in Virginia is guaranteed.


There really aren't any notable negatives when we talk about Virginia online sports betting, besides the obvious – restrictions on in-college betting. Those restrictions are something Virginia lawmakers should revisit in the future since removing them would greatly boost the betting activity in the state.


But besides that, there isn't much to complain about. As the market develops, Virginia also plans to introduce retail sportsbooks for those who prefer in-person betting. But even if that process takes a while longer, you can always bet on sports via one of many excellent betting apps that are currently available in the Old Dominion.