2021 Season Results: (+$781) betting $100 on each pick

$100 Parlay of winners in week 6: $1,544

Last week was another big heist for us. There were only 4 upsets, and we called 3 of them, meaning that of just 7 upsets through the last 2 weeks in the NFL, we called an amazing 5 of them as underdog winners.

That’s the name of the game here. The NFL is always unpredictable to some degree, but if you can predict 3 upset winners a week, that’s money you can very much take to the bank. If you get the right combinations (we recommend trebles!) then every week is a big opportunity.

If you’re interested in following another proven winner, check out kevlar1523, our top ranked player in 2021 who has amassed an incredible $263,289 by staking huge amounts on a just a few selections each week. As a Pro user, you see which teams he’s backing with his big money stakes, and which he’s avoiding – an easy way to follow a proven winner who won the most coins for the third straight week!

How many Upsets in week 7?

Our historical data and the current season trends suggest that 5 upsets will occur in week 7. So far, underdogs have won 36% of games in 2021, which has come down over the last 2 weeks from a season high of 43%.

This week sees us tackle some huge spreads, and 3 teams are facing double-digit spreads against them. There has still yet to be a team in 2021 who has won facing a spread of more than a touchdown – will week 7 be the one?



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