Season Record:

Individual picks ($100 on each underdog pick): +$1,515

Double Round Robin Picks ($10 on parlays of 2, covering every combination of underdog picks) +$771.58

Treble Round Robin Picks ($10 on parlays of 3, covering every combination of our underdog picks) +$1,369.98

Total of all parlays (doubles and trebles): +$2,141.56

Last week we returned 2 winners of our moneyline picks, and 2 underdog cover picks maintaining our record of not having a week in 2021 without at least 2 underdog winners. It's also only the 3rd time in the season that we've not returned at least 3 winners from our 5 or 6 selections in this column - and if you think that's easy, try doing it!

We cushioned that blow with the Denver underdog cover/win pick which I've included as a cover only (although I had it as a win personally), and for those of you who were brave enough to take my advice and consider it as an outright win, congratulations! I'm working on the best way to communicate the grey area between win and cover better, as those picks would have returned some big upsets of late, particularly the Green Bay and Denver winners.

Our overall total from all individual underdog win and cover picks was -$15, far outweighed by the thousands in profit we've managed up until that point. You have to be in these picks to win, and it's not for people who want to brag about percentages - only profit!

How to bet using Upset Watch

Due to the nature of underdog picks, you are unlikely to land a parlay of more than 4 teams winning in any week. We select the underdogs that have the best chance heading into games, and our success record is second to none in the industry.

We recommend Round Robins as a way of maximizing your profits from the picks in this column. You will still win by backing individual selections, but getting your head around Round Robins will change how you bet and win money.

A Round Robin is essentially, a number of smaller parlays within a parlay that mean you don't need all of your picks to win to pay out.

Rather than betting on a big parlay of (for example) 5 underdogs to win with huge moneyline odds, you can hedge your bets by betting on combinations of 2, 3 or 4 of them to win. 

  • For example, with 5 selections, there are 10 combinations of 3 winners that are possible. Rather than placing these all manually, a Round Robin option from your bookmaker automatically calculates the combinations for you.
  • If any 3 teams win (teams A, B and C for example) , you'll win that bet - even if the other 2 picks lost.
  • The smaller the parlays, the smaller the payouts - but the more likely you'll return a profit.
  • Round Robins are essential for making the most of Upset Watch.

With underdogs, the moneyline odds are greater for a reason - they're harder to get right! Because we're good at this, your chances of getting 2, 3 or 4 moneyline underdogs correct are vastly improved, as proven by our record. 

So far in 2021, we've hit 2 underdogs three times, 3 underdogs twice, and 4 underdogs an incredible 4 times in 9 weeks. That's why almost 5,000 people are currently subscribed to Pickwatch Pro and Upset Watch!

For more info on how to bet using Upset Watch, check out this article.

Want full access? 

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