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Residents of AZ, CO, IN, IO, MI, MS, NJ, NY, PA, TN or WY only


Residents of AZ, CO, IN, IO, MI, MS, NJ, NY, PA, TN or WY only

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Download the best expert data in the industry
Follow the pros and the Joes with the best records in every situation, exploring our database of over 6 million picks and counting.
Team by Team Winners
Every team is different, and every expert has strengths and weaknesses. See the best experts and fans in each game based on lifetimes or recent records - your choice.
The Trends that matter
Some teams win with great defense, and some with great offense. We crunch the numbers to tell you which stats matter for each team's upcoming games.
Upset Watch
Upset Watch predicts the underdogs you can bank on - winning thousands each year for readers over the last 5 years. The ultimate cheatcode to beat the sportsbooks.
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Pickwatch Pro has proven winners

Pickwatch Pro lets you break down our database of 6 million picks over the last decade to find the most accurate experts and fans to follow in every game. See which expert picks each team, in each game.

Filter our data to show experts, fans, or both, and select whether you want to see the best lifetime records, or select the last 5, last 10, or this season's data. You're in control.

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New for 2021: Get winning picks NOW

With so much data on Pickwatch, we know it can be overwhelming. That's why we've added our internal algorithmic picks for PRO members. We weight each user's picks and select only the best, to give you the most accurate picks without any of the work.

Even better, our learning algorithm adapts to results to improve each week, year on year.

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New for 2021: Pickwatch Insights

Every team needs a great passer, right? So how do the Ravens win without throwing the ball? How do the Chiefs win when they give up more points than half of the NFL?

Pickwatch Pro's Insights page tells you which stats can be used to predict the winner in each game most often, and which team is statistically most likely to win their upcoming matchup. A must read for every NFL fan.

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