A good week for the experts with only one person below .500 out of our panel of 59. Out of the 'talent' pool nobody called the San Diego victory in Pittsburgh, in fact not one of the CBS analysts even had them to beat the spread. Yes, I'm blowing my own trumpet on that one. DEAL WITH IT. Apart from that it was a pretty standard week, but there has been a shift at the top of the standings which you'll have to check back tomorrow to see.

On with the show...

Top Picker of the Week: Marc Sessler, NFL.com 13-3
It's been a bad week for 'Big Rog' but he can at least rest assured he has hired the right staff for his webpage. I'm sure that's a big comfort. I don't know where I stand on bounties but I don't envy whoever has to write that article on NFL.com... anyway a spiffing week for Sessler with a sneaky 13-ball that puts him in contention for the overall lead.

The Sizzler called Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay wrong, which if you think about it, puts him in line with 99.999% of people, but getting the Cowboys, Vikings and Rams right this week puts him in a tiny minority that numbers simply cannot convey, so this week as a tribute to our top picker, I won't be selling the sausage, I'll be selling The Sizzler.*

*I'd just like to clarify that at no point would I have been selling 'sausage' this week had Sessler not won.

Worst Picker of the Week: Mike Golic, ESPN 7-9

7-9 would actually have been difficult to achieve this week without getting St. Louis right, but picking the Rams and then bottoming out? Unforgivable. The Chiefs? THE CHIEFS? THE CHIEFS???? Without going 'there', most people realise that last week was probably not a true representation of that team, so expecting them to head into Cleveland - where I insist good football hath been played this season, yay verily it hath - and win was a stretch. The Jags, Texans and Ravens completed the 'Games you should have got right' roll of honour. I haven't thought of a nickname for T_he Croatian Crapshooter_ yet, but when I do you'll be the first to know.

*'Coin-toss' award: *

A man who likes to toss, yesterday.

I remember when I wrote a lengthy blog post about Donovan Mcnabb slating the Eagles for their treatment of him during the '08 season. I do all that and THIS is how you repay me? By picking the Dolphins against San Francisco? ON THE ROAD? For shame young/old man. Only a fool would do that, but then I picked the Lions to beat Green Bay. The difference? NFL NETWORK ISN'T PAYING ME TO PREDICT STUFF!

At least not yet... You watch McNabb, I'm coming for you.

Rain Man of the week award:
I love this newly-monikered award and Eric Allen deserves this for the boldest-slash-possible-mistake-when-filling-in-picks-form prediction of the year. Who knew Philly would turn Tampa over? Did you? No, in fact the Fantasy Live guys had Freeman down as a must start. I remembered that when he was 4/14 in the first half guys. Thanks a bunch for that one! On the plus side, Damashek and Matt Smith were the only two guys who had Carolina to beat Atlanta, so kudos for that.

I'm more of an 'All the President's Men' guy but
it doesn't work on any level.

Anyway, the one thing to remember is that Eric Allen picked the Eagles to win, and even if you think that it's possible that the guy who collects ESPN's picks may have heard him say 'The Eagles need to be shot and placed in a bin' and thought he said 'The Eagles will definitely win', you can't prove anything and neither can I, no matter how much I try to jog the pick-collector's memory in my basement.

Last week I gave Brian Baldinger a week in Barbados with Rihanna as a prize, but she just rang and said she's too tired for Eric and do I have anything for open wounds around the neck region, so you'll have to make do with Adele instead. Unlucky.

Top Network: NFL.com - Around the League 11.5 average games picked correctly
I've broken some of the NFL guys up a bit because the Around the League guys are mainly writers, rather than ex-players, and the Fantasy Live guys mainly deal with... well you get the idea. Consistent stuff this week, with Kareem Copeland also hitting a 12-4 to bump that average up and the lowest score being Gregg Rosenthal with a good 10-6.

Bottom Network: Yahoo.com, 8.5 average games picked correctly
Not sure what happened to last week's best scoring (11.5) team. Only one man (Jason Cole) got into double figures. Yahoo are generally one of the strongest networks though so it'll be interesting to see how they respond with some great games next week.

*That's the weekly round up. Check back tomorrow morning for the full overall standings, which I have definitely already finished. DEFINITELY. *