Barring a last minute injury, these are my final picks for week 14.

Broncos @ Raiders


Rams @ Bills
I'm absolutely torn here. The weather could play into the hands of Buffalo, but I really like St. Louis at the moment and they have momentum after a tough win last week... It's a push but I'm going with St. Louis

Titans @ Colts
I don't like the Titans at all. They've basically quit on the season already and last week showed no fight. Jake Locker looked particularly bad and I don't think Tennessee's defence is good enough to take advantage of Andrew Luck's rookie errors. Nothing has changed through the week to alter this assessment and not one expert analyst has gone with the Titans either.

Cowboys @ Bengals
You hate to bring up last week so soon (I'm going to write a post about this tomorrow) but the Cowboys have no defensive line depth and will struggle to fill Josh Brent's shoes. A tragic incident that is so needless, it can't help but make you angry. I was with the Bengals all through the week and I'm staying with them, but there'll be a lot of emotion on display in Cinci.

Chiefs @ Browns
I see a lot of people goign with KC, but that's ignoring the fact that the Browns have played some of the best ball (seriously!) of the season at times. Their defence is definitely more aggressive than the Panthers' last week, and I'm staying with Cleveland here.

*Jets *@ Jaguars
Earlier this week I tweeted that the QB debacle should spell the end of Mike Tannenbaum's role with the Jets. Peter King of Sports Illustrated told me that if he was the Jets, all he wants to know is if 'Greg McElroy is good enough to challenge Mark Sanchez next year'. I don't necessarily agree totally, because if I'm Rex Ryan I need to save my job which - make no mistake - is in serious jeopardy, and that means winning more games than they lose at the end of the year.

Thankfully for the Jets, the Jags lack a RB worthy of the name (Sorry Montell) (Not that Montell) and the Jets D should get enough pressure on the immobile Chad Henne to win here. Interestingly a number of experts favour Jax in this one...

Chargers @ Steelers
I don't believe Ben Roethlisberger will play as we have seen him play in the past, but his presence should be enough to win. I will say though, that the Chargers are +9.5 on the spread, and I don't think the game will be a walkover by any stretch. It all depends on whether the Chargers really have quit.

Ravens @ Redskins
I have flip-flopped on this one all week which never looks good. Can the Baltimore D cope with RGIII? I don't know that they can and the Skins look a different proposition mentally since the bye week.

Bears @ Vikings

Strange game here as the Bears deal with injuries to key players such as Brian Urlacher and Tim Jennings, but equally the Vikes have lost probably their only receiver of note Percy Harvin. I think the Bears have a slight edge here but the Vkings could make it tough if they ride Adrian Peterson all night long. Quite an image huh?

Eagles @ Buccaneers
HOUSTON WE HAVE A WILD-CARD: Eric Allen of ESPN has picked the Eagles to win on the road in the Tampa fog. After losing 8 on the trot. And starting a rookie QB. And giving up roughly 6,000 yards a game through the air in each game since their bye week... Kyle Boller would be licking his chops at the prospect of facing this Eagles defence right now, Josh Freeman must need a bib.

Falcons @ Panthers

A lot of people have rightly pointed out that the Falcons haven't exactly been on fire, but I like that they've managed to stay strong and win key games when playing badly. The Panthers are just one of those teams that finds a way to lose, besides which I think the Falcons will be hotter than they have been lately.

Dolphins @ 49ers
This is one of those ones that tickles you all week and you start convincing yourself that the 49ers are the 2008 Lions. Let's face it though, the 49ers Secondary and pass rush will be relishing the prospect of taking on an ineffective rushing attack and a banged up O-line. If the 49ers blow this one it'd be a miracle.

Cardinals @ Seahawks
Last week: '*Under no circumstances pick the Cardinals while Ryan Lindley remains as QB. *I can't make that any clearer.' Well the Cards have moved back to John Skelton, which is a start, but this team's problems have come to a head, while the 'hawks are winning big games at the right time and look a good bet for a wild-card spot. Incidentally I did a bit of research on the Seahawks, and, according to wikipedia "__It is straightforward to determine the sex in a breeding pair, but harder with individual birds"

Saints @ Giants
I'm surprised the consensus is with the Giants on this. They played well against the Packers at home but I think the Saints are at their best when they have a point to prove. Darren Sproles should get a higher volume of workload with Chris Ivory out, while the Giants have lost depth at the same position. I also think the Giants D are looking forward to facing Drew Brees after tackling thin air against the Skins last week, but that is a mistake. Brees is smarter than almost every other player in the league and will be ready to exploit a Giants secondary that I believe is on the brink of being exposed big-time.

Lions @ Packers

Am I the only person on earth picking the Lions? Maybe. I've written in a bit more detail about this one, but the combination of a Lions passing attack on top form vs a Packers D missing key pieces is not a good one. Of course, I'm on a limb with this pick, but I'm surprised nobody has the Lions down to win at all.


Texans @ Patriots
Anyone who tells you a reason for the Texans or Patriots winning, you can easily make a case for the opposite side of the ball. J.J. Watt? Vince Wilfork. Andre Johnson? Wes Welker. Owen Daniels? Aaron Hernandez. Arian Foster? Stevan Ridley, Matt Schaub? Tom Brady...

The Pats have been firing on all cylinders lately and one massive part of that has been the secondary, with Alfonzo Dennard stepping up in place of Kyle Arrington and doing a great job. They have an abundance of wealth at Safety too, so it could be tough sledding for the Texans unless Watt can shake Brady up early and often.