I got some positive feedback on the site yesterday from some of the names mentioned in the top 10, but analysts everywhere love to hear how well they're doing so I'm not going to hold my breath that any of the analysts lurking at the bottom here will be as enthusiastic.
I'm not going to apologise though, if you're at the bottom of the charts, it's because you haven't been picking well, so shape up or... well, continue being paid handsomely - just remember, I'll always give credit where it's due, so you could easily be at the top of this list if you just pick games better. It really is that simple.
Without further ado, here's your 'worst of the worst' table*

* A Caveat: As I explained in the introduction last week, a number of analysts don't pick certain games, or for some reason have missed picks or entire weeks out. For my own sins I missed the Pittsburgh @ Tennessee game from week 6, but I've counted that as a loss and where someone is picking 90%+ of games, I'll count any they haven't picked as a loss. No no, I know, I'm too kind...

Bottom of the overall standings - Week 13