User Picks 2017 Week 1 Update

Upset Watch
12 Sep, 2017

Morning Pickwatch fans!

We've got some good news for one user this morning, ROGER had a perfect week of the games he picked, finishing with the best record of all users and alone with 14 correct games picked! We're contacting Roger to arrange delivery of his weekly prize.

Technical Issues

On Sunday night we became aware of a technical issue with our existing user picks page. The error affected all users, and was due to the sheer volume of picks made overwhelming the ability of our servers to make the required calculations in the time necessary. The good news is that we never lose data, it's simply how it's displayed to you on your screen. Our database still retains all of your picks and calculates who has the best record.

Thankfully, we have a backup already in place, as our mobile site already calculates the same data and displays it in almost the same way. It's not ideal, but as we believe this issue would be best resolved by a proper overhaul of that page, we're going to use that page as a temporary stopgap for the first few weeks of the season.

This will allow us to fix the user picks page properly, but still let you make your picks and track who is winning each week.

So to view the user picks, click here, log in and go to 'fan picks' in the menu. We apologize for the inconvenience, but rest assured all of your data is intact, and we'll have a solution soon enough.