Weighted rankings are a way of measuring a team's 'true' performance, taking into account the relative strength of each opponent.
For example, if the Lions throw for 300 passing yards against a team that allows 250 passing yards on average, they would have a weighted performance for this game of +50 yards, as they have outperformed the opposing defense. This is positive for the Lions offense.
Conversely, if the opponent ordinarily allows 350 yards against other opponents, then the Lions would have a weighted performance of -50 yards.
This should illustrate why we use weighted stats - the same number of yards can look completely different, depending on the relative strength of the opponent.
Our Weighted Team Rankings show 8 of the key stats, covering offensive and defensive units in the main overall areas. We will expand this section in future to include all of the weighted stats that we use to make Upset Watch picks.