Merry Christmas to all of our amazing readers, fans, and now, subscribers!

This week has been one of the best we've ever had here at Pickwatch. Demand for Pickwatch Pro has massively outstripped what we thought was possible, and here we are in Christmas week with some good news:

From now until Monday, Claim Pickwatch Pro all the way through the NFL playoffs until after the Super Bowl for just $4.99!

Click here to claim this offer

There's no promo code necessary, simply subscribe to our playoff package via this subscription screen, and you're done! Your subscription will run through until after the Super Bowl in Feb 7th - or after if it is delayed.

To our existing pro users, check your email (including the junk folder!) for a special thank you gift.


Once again, Merry Christmas to all of you!

Shaun and the Pickwatch team.



Pickwatch Pro includes the following launch features:

  1. Team by team records for experts and - very importantly - all of our fan handicappers.

    You can check both straight up and ATS records for everyone in our database, whether they're an expert or a fan, and see who they're picking this week. You can also select the timeframe, so if you want to see who is hottest for each team over just their last 5 games, you can easily see that - and who they're picking this week!

  2. Game by game combined best picks.

    You can now see the combined records of every expert and fan side-by-side, to see who has picked BOTH teams in any given matchup most accurately over whatever timeframe you wish.

    This is some of our most valuable data and something we have long been approached for by serious betting operations in the US and around the world who value the insight of proven sharp players.

    Our mission is to make you smarter, which is why instead of selling this data privately, we're making it available publicly as part of Pickwatch Pro!

  3. Statistical Pick Trends

    Did you know that one NFC East team's games have been won every week by the team that has the most passing yards heading into the game? Or that one AFC North Team's games have never been won by the team that gives up the fewest passing yards?

    Our trend analysis section allows you to see what % of each team's games has been won by the team that holds an advantage in each metric.

    This feature is a huge step forward and will likely expand quite rapidly to allow for greater customization. It is something that every fan needs to know, and we're going to be poorer for not knowing these trends each week.

  4. Supercontest bet reveals

    The final of our 4 launch features will be the ability to see every other player's bets in every game, in advance of the game being played.

    This vital information not only allows you to follow the best players and their picks, but also follow their strategy that has moved them to the top of our profit and loss table.



How much does Pro cost?

Pickwatch Pro costs just $7.99 a month, or a special discount of $30 for the entire season.

What makes Pro so good?

Pro allows you instant access to the picks of the best Pickwatch experts and fans at the touch of a button.

It's everything you love about Pickwatch, only even better. We know there is a lot of information on Pickwatch, but we also know that what you really want are the picks of the people who have the best proven records when picking each team - or in any given game, both teams! That's what pro gives you.

How do I sign up for Pro?

You can sign up right here!

When will you launch?

Our aim is to be live by Christmas 2020

Will this work through the playoffs?

Yes! In fact, our data is even more effective at the end of the season, as you can easily see who has picked each playoff team correctly throughout the year.

Will you be launching any new features for Pickwatch Pro?

Yes! Our plans are to expand the flexibility of the options and allow you to filter the data in new ways, as well as adding new statistical categories to view such as biggest bets per team and other data.

We'll also be listening to the feedback we get to make Pro more powerful and intuitive.

Will I need to pay extra for these features?

No. If you subscribe through the end of 2021 for example, you will receive all features that we add for free until your subscription runs out.


If you have any questions about Pickwatch Pro, you can get in touch with us by email or you can grab us during working hours using the help icon in the bottom right of your page.