Pickwatch Coins FAQ

In 2020 we launch Pickwatch Coins, a simple but fun way to keep track of your winnings on Pickwatch. Here are all the details you need on this exciting new feature.


25 Aug, 2020

What are Pickwatch Coins?

Pickwatch Coins are 'play money' that allows you to mock bet using the exact same odds and winnings that you would use in real life.

Although they cannot be exchanged for real dollars or any other monetary value (we have to say that now!) they are a great way to keep track of how well you are doing on Pickwatch, and which of your fellow players are worth tracking and following!

Every time you make a pick, you can bet your Pickwatch coins on it. The odds, spreads and the amount you can win will exactly match those you could get when betting for real with our friends at Draftkings if you're in a state where sports betting is allowed.

For the full lowdown on Pickwatch Coins, here is our FAQ:

How many Pickwatch Coins do I start with?

You will receive 400 coins at the start of the season to use in our Pick'em contest. If you're a registered player, this has already been deposited!

For every private league you start or join, you will receive a further 400 coins to use in that league and compete against your fellow players, who will receive the same amount to start with. These coins cannot be used in any other leagues or in the main player contest.

Where can I see my Pickwatch Coins?

Your current total balance (across the entire site, including all leagues) is viewable in the top right hand corner of the site:

You can see your full wallet by clicking your balance and selecting 'My Wallet'

What's in My Wallet?

In your wallet you can see two main bits of information:

Your wallet breakdown, which shows how you are performing in the General Wallet and each private league you're in, and your transaction history.

Your Wallets

Each wallet is listed, showing how your total balance is being affected by each of your leagues.

At the top of every wallet is your 'General Balance' - this is the balance you use in our Pick'em contest via the main pages of the site and anywhere that is not a private league.

Underneath your General Balance you will see the balance for each private league you are involved in.

Wallet Transactions

If you want to see how your balance has been affected by each transaction you have made, you can click the 'Transaction Summary' and see a list of everything that has ever changed!

You can filter this by dates, by default it is set to show transactions from the last 7 days.

Making picks with Pickwatch Coins:

When you make your picks, you will be asked to enter a stake.

This stake will immediately be deducted from your overall balance and the pick saved.

If you leave the box blank or enter a zero, you will not stake anything on the game in question.

Why is my wallet balance different in Private Leagues?

Every private league is a fair contest between you and your buddies.

That means you start with 400 coins to stake just in that league. This is separate from your main balance that you use to stake in our main Pick'em contest.

Your overall balance shows the TOTAL of all your wallets combined.