With the NCAAF and NFL seasons about to begin, it's time to launch one of our biggest ever endeavors here at Pickwatch: Our first mobile app.

Yes, from August 30th, you'll be able to download the Pickwatch app onto your mobile device for the first time.

If you're in our early-access testing group, you'll be receiving an email invite soon to download a test version of the app, during which time we'll be contacting you to assess any bugs or improvements we can make.

But first, let me run through what has made the cut for version 1.0, and what will be coming in our first updates.


Version 1.0 Pre-Release notes:

Schedule Page

The schedule page is the starting point you'll land on when you first use the app. It lists every game, with the start time (in your local time!) and some quick information that you can use if you are in a rush:

  • See today's schedule for any sport, or all sports active on that day
  • See the expert and fan consensus at a glance for money line, spread and points picks.
  • Check the odds for money line, spread and points totals in every game
  • See Pro Picks for every game

Expert Tables



As always, you can easily see every expert's individual picks for every sport in our expert tables (find it in the bottom navigation menu). These tables list every expert's picks, their Season win %, and their weekly/daily win % depending on the sport.

  • See every expert's picks
  • See the consensus picks
  • Follow experts and get notified when they make or change their picks (you can turn this on or off for each expert at any time)
  • Filter by experts, fans, or both
  • sort by daily/weekly or season record
  • Pro users: Sort by season profit (the amount an expert would win if betting on every game)
  • Use text abbreviations for teams instead of icons

Game Pages



Every game in every sport has a stats page that tells you more about the two teams. This includes their recent form and the key head-to-head stats for both teams, with the better team highlighted, so you can quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses in a matchup.

  • See recent form for both teams
  • See head-to-head stats for every sport
  • Pro Users: See the Pro expert picks - who picks the two teams best, and who they're picking to win.

Make Your Picks



This pick form is as you'd expect, but we've revamped it and added some small improvements for the app

  • Make your Money Line, Spread and Points total picks for each game
  • Stake up to $100 in virtual dollars on each game to track your virtual profit over the season.
  • See the odds for each team and the consensus of who is favored by experts and public
  • Check the form guide - quickly see both teams' last 5 games, who their opponents were, and what the score was.
  • Pro Users: Get the Pro Pick for the game

Experts you Follow

Hit the following button in the bottom menu and you'll be taken to a page featuring only your chosen experts.

  • Follow experts in each sport via their profiles in the expert table
  • See how experts have performed this season and over the current calendar month.
  • Flick between sports and pick categories (eg: spread, money line, points)


Our settings button allows you to quickly edit your profile and change the display options of the app

Account settings:

  • Change your account email, password, and username
  • Change your location settings
  • View your personal record in each sport
  • Add an account bio
  • Select your favorite sports and teams - the favorite sport will be the one that appears when you click the experts table (NFL by default)

Display Options

  • Change between light and dark mode - set to match your system by default
  • Change the order of sports (Drag the icon) - this impacts how your schedule appears, with the preferred sports appearing first in the list every day
  • Manage your Pickwatch Pro subscription via the Play/App store or via web if you signed up on our website.


Version 1.1 Updates

Before the start of the NFL season, the following updates will also be applied:

  • Underdog Picks - see the win % of every expert and fan when they pick underdogs to win, so you know who is best to follow when picking an upset. This will be listed in the expert tables, and available as a standalone table showing the expert's current and previous underdog picks.

  • Articles - Read Upset Watch and other content from within the app

  • Team lineups - Check the expected starting players for each team (every sport)

  • Injuries - Check the latest injury report for all teams

  • Improvements to some UI elements - specifically around the expert table filters and sorting buttons, and the ability to quickly skip backwards and forwards one game day or game week depending on the sport.

Future Plans

Building an app has been a huge task for our development team and they've done an amazing job in a limited timeframe. As you can imagine, some things we'd love were going to be a bridge too far for version 1, but here's what will be in the app over the next few months:

  • Improved Expert profiles - more detail and a record of all picks made
  • Improved following page - view your followed experts' picks for the game period selected
  • Improved table functionality - we'll be making more of the screen real-estate available when you're scrolling down the table so you can see more picks
  • Player Props (also for web)
  • Badges and achievements (also for web)
  • Over/Under for all sports prior to the start of their next season (eg: NHL and NBA in October!)

Stay tuned for our big release, and if you've applied to test the app, keep an eye on your inbox!