How to Sign up at FanDuel

Established in 2018, FanDuel quickly rose to prominence as one of the leading online betting providers in the United States. It wouldn't be too far from the truth to say that FanDuel is currently America's no.1 online sportsbook, and there are good reasons for it.

While it faces tough competition in BetMGM and DraftKings, FanDuel has its advantages over the other two leading online betting providers. That includes but is not limited to a user-friendly interface, a plethora of betting options, as well as a large offer of betting markets, which cover all major sports, and more.

There are plenty of reasons to like FanDuel as your go-to online sportsbook, but before you can explore FanDuel and place your first bet, you first need to create an account.

Quick Step by Step Open Account Instructions

1.    Click this link to visit FanDuel

2.    Navigate to "Join Now" in the top right corner to initiate the FanDuel signup process

3.    Choose your title and input your name, surname, date of birth, username, email, and password

4.    Provide a security question and answers to add an additional layer of security to your FanDuel Sportsbook account

5.    Fill in the requested details such as an address, ZIP code, state, phone number, and the last four numbers of your SNN

6.    Agree to T&C confirm that you're not a casino employee and that you're of legal age to engage in online sports betting

7.    Click on "Create Account,” and confirm your account creation by clicking on the verification link sent to your email

Read on for our detailed FanDuel sign up guide 👇

About FanDuel

As revealed on its website, FanDuel started as a backyard brainstorm between five co-founders who wanted to create something to change the game in fantasy sports. In a few years, the co-founders turned their idea into a driving force in a multibillion-dollar industry.

From a simple idea, FanDuel turned into one of the leading sportsbook, daily fantasy sport, online casino, and online horse racing providers. It currently operates in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan, and Virginia, with plans to expand further.

The company was originally a daily fantasy sports provider, which competed directly with DraftKings. However, in May 2018, amid the legalization of sports betting in the United States, FanDuel decided to merge with the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power Betfair to form FanDuel Group.

The acquisition helped FanDuel gain much-needed recognition in the market and transform into one of the leading sportsbooks in the USA.

Why Should You Own a FanDuel Account?

Anyone serious about betting on sports should know the importance of using an excellent online sportsbook, which is reliable, well-established, and offers a top-of-the-line betting experience. Thanks to the competition in the market, there are plenty of options to choose from; however, if you're looking for one of the best online sportsbooks, you can't go wrong with FanDuel.

FanDuel is a premier destination for online sports bettors and has been since 2018 when it first started offering online sports betting services. And you don't get to hold that status by providing a mediocre online betting experience.

FanDuel prides itself on its excellent website design, great new user promotions, bonus offers, a large selection of deposit and withdrawal options, as well as a beginner protection feature. As with any established online sportsbook, you can expect FanDuel to offer betting markets to suit everyone's needs, and while it has transitioned to providing online sports betting, FanDuel has never stopped offering one of the best fantasy experiences in the market.

There's a lot more to like about FanDuel, but the best way to explore all its pros and features is to create a free account and check it out for yourself! And FanDuel has done an excellent job of making the registration process take no more than a couple of minutes of your time.

How To Sign Up with FanDuel?

Before you can start betting on FanDuel or playing its fantasy games, you first need to create an account. And FanDuel makes this process as simple as it can get, requiring its users to go through only a few steps before they can place their first wager.

You can sign up for FanDuel with either its website or via the FanDuel mobile app. The processes don't differ by much, although you can expect a different registration page layout, depending on where you decide to create your FanDuel account.

The whole registration process shouldn't take more than a few minutes, as long as you have all the needed information at hand and a stable internet connection. It is also important to note that while FanDuel offers sports betting, DFS, horse racing, and casino, one account is enough to access all three sections.

Another thing to remember is that some bonus codes can only be used on certain sections of FanDuel. What's more, your eligibility to access and use all four services FanDuel has to offer will depend on your state's regulations.

This means that while some users will be able to utilize FanDuel to its fullest, others might be able to engage in sports betting but can't access the online casino. Regardless, the registration process is the same for all USA residents.

FanDuel Sportsbook Signup

Online sports betting is big in the United States, and it's getting bigger with each passing month. As a multi-billion dollar industry, sports betting attracts many online betting providers to the market, making it hard to pick your go-to sportsbook.

However, you can never go wrong with trusting an established, licensed, and well-known sports betting provider such as FanDuel. Having partnered with Paddy Power, you can be sure that FanDuel will offer top-of-the-line online sports betting service, but you don't have to trust our word for it and try it yourself.

But before you can do so, you must create your FanDuel sportsbook account, which shouldn't is a straightforward process. To create a FanDuel sportsbook account, just follow these simple steps:

FanDuel DFS Signup

Before anything, FanDuel is a Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) provider, so it makes sense that it offers fantasy betting. Whether it is fantasy football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or any other sport, FanDuel offers fantasy games to satisfy any DFS fan’s needs.

Even if you're a DFS beginner, FanDuel has got you covered with exclusive beginner-friendly contests, which help you learn the ropes at your own pace. If you're into DFS, FanDuel is the place to be, but before you can start playing your fantasy game, you need to create a FanDuel DFS account, which is just as easy as making a FanDuel sportsbook account. 

1.    Click this link to visit FanDuel

2.    You will get redirected to the FanDuel DFS registration page, where you will be required to input your email, screen name and choose a password -You are also eligible to input a referral username of your friend or family member who brought you to FanDuel

3.    Fill in other required details, including your address, ZIP Code, state, social security number, and phone number.

4.    Complete your registration by confirming that you've read T&C

5.    Enable your FanDuel DFS account by clicking on the verification link provided to your email

FanDuel Racing Signup

If you're not into DFS and want to add a bit more excitement to your online betting endeavor, betting on racing just might be the thing for you. Like any reputable and well-established online betting provider, FanDuel offers legal racing betting!

What's more, by signing up for FanDuel racing, you will receive free $5 to bet with, but it doesn't stop there. FanDuel will match your first deposit on FanDuel Racing by up to $50, meaning you're looking at up to $55 in free money to bet with.

At FanDuel Racing, you will be able to bet on all the biggest horse racing events, including Kentucky Derby, Breeder's Cup, the Preakness, the Belmont Stakes, and over 300 worldwide racetracks. But before you can take advantage of this generous offer, you need to create your FanDuel Racing account! 

1.    Head to FanDuel site and click on "Racing" or navigate to to begin your FanDuel Racing account creation

2.    Click on the "Log In/Sign Up" button in the top right corner of the website, which will redirect you to the registration page

3.    Input your email address, choose your username, and password and click on the "Sign Up" to advance to the next page

4.    Provide all other required details FanDuel Racing registration page requires, including your full name and social security number

5.    Complete the registration and wait for your verification link to arrive.

6.    Create your FanDuel Racing account by confirming your account creation by clicking on the verification link

FanDuel Casino Signup

If you're a fan of online casinos, there's a good chance that FanDuel will become your new favorite go-to website for all your online casino needs. FanDuel Casino offers secure, legal, and fully regulated online casino games for real money in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

You can play FanDuel Casino via ita mobile app for iOS and Android devices, with Pennsylvania residents able to access it within the FanDuel Sportsbook app. With its large selection of games and great online casino experience, anyone should give FanDuel Casino a spin!

To create your FanDuel Casino account, you need to follow these simple steps:

1.    Visit and click on the "Casino" section to start your FanDuel Casino account creation

2.    Choose your state by clicking on "Click to Play In" either MI, PA, WV, or NJ, which will redirect you to the FanDuel Casino website (

3.    Click on "Join Now" in the upper right corner of the page and pick one of four eligible stages in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia

4.    Input your email, username, password, and provide a referral username or FanDuel Casino promo code, if you have one, and click on "Create Account"

5.    The next page will require you to provide more details such as DOB, social security number, your full name, and other personal details

6.    After you have completed your registration and verified your account, you can log in to FanDuel Casino and start playing 

How to Sign up at FanDuel – FAQ 

Does FanDuel Offer Sign-Up Bonus?

Yes! FanDuel offers signup bonuses for sportsbook, casino, racing, and DFS. Some bonuses and rewards are given to the account owners by default - such as matched first deposit - while others require you to input a FanDuel Bonus Code during the registration. 

How Can I Register For FanDuel?

You can create a FanDuel account either by visiting its desktop site or via a mobile app. FanDuel offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. 

How Long is The Registration Process?

If you have all your personal details at your hand, creating a FanDuel account shouldn't take you longer than a couple of minutes. The verification link that enables your account usually takes only a couple of seconds to arrive at your email address. 

Who Can Play on FanDuel?

To play on FanDuel, you must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the USA or Canada. Residents of Massachusetts or Iowa need to be at least 21 years old, while if you're from Alabama, you need to be at least 19.