Draftkings Can't Miss Kansas City +101 Offer

As long as the Chiefs don't lose by 102 points, you win $45 guaranteed... sound too good to be true? Well it isn't. Here's how it works.

Upset Watch

5 Sep, 2020

Let me ask you a simple question:

Do you think Kansas City will lose by 102 points on Thursday?

Because if (like any sane human) you don't believe the Chiefs will lose by a new NFL record score, one that has never been even close to achieved before and is borderline impossible for any team, let alone the defending Super Bowl champs, then our friends at Draftkings are offering you the chance to put up to $50 on KC +101pts at odds of -110 if you live in Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia

Let me repeat: If the Chiefs do not LOSE by 102 pts or more on Thursday, you will win $95.45 in actual withdrawable cash.

There is no catch. None.

This is an introductory offer from Draftkings and frankly, we'd advise you to take advantage of it now because there's a strong possibility they may regret it and pull the offer once the cost becomes apparent.

Step by Step guide:

  1. Simply click this link to go directly to the KC +101 offer and select it to add it to your bet slip. Ignore the odds and payout for now.

  2. Add your stake - we'd recommend the full amount of $50 to maximize profit, but it's your call. Again, ignore the payout for now, it doesn't matter to us.

  3. Ok, now you need to get your odds of -110! To do this, click 'log in to bet now' and then 'sign up'

  4. Once you're signed up and made a deposit, you'll now get a bet boost underneath your selection that will make your odds -110. Your payout will change to $95.45!

  5. That's it! Place your bet and when the Chiefs definitely don't lose by 102 points on Thursday, you will win your bet and make a cool $45.45 profit.

I have lived in a place where betting offers are normal, but I have never in all of my life seen something like this. They are literally giving away free money to anyone starting a new Draftkings account.

If you're unsure of any steps, please feel free to contact us using the intercom button at the bottom of your page and we'll talk you through it.

Enjoy this one on us!