Welcome to another update on our development here at Pickwatch. This week, we've launched two new features and I wanted to explain them both in detail to help you navigate them.

As always, everything we do is to improve your overall experience, and while we know some of you hate change, we think after a few weeks, these settings will be second nature to you.

New table headers and filters

I talked through our new table in detail in the last development blog, but as it's now live, I want to reiterate those changes:


New Layout:



Let me talk you through these changes:

  1. The navigation buttons (moneyline, ATS, points total etc) refer to the game type or table type that you are navigating to. These are the most used areas of Pickwatch, and it makes sense that you can get to them with one click.

  2. Once you're on a table, you'll see a description of it. This is mainly for newer users, who now understand what they're looking at below!

  3. We've added Filter, Sort, Search, Favorites, Downloads and Settings to their own set of icons and labels. We particularly wanted to make it clear what each one did, because icons can be unclear if they're left without a description!

  4. Within the 'filters' section, you will find the buttons to select who appears in the table, such as experts, fans, or show only your favorites. There are also tools like the slider to set the minimum pick % to appear in the table (so you can filter all of those people who have only made 1 pick!), the date range setting to select what time period to measure people over (example: last 4 weeks).

  5. More filters will be coming now that we have a place to hold them!

  6. The 'sort' button is a simpler way to sort the table without clicking the headers (which you can still do!). Select the metric you want to sort by (eg: season win %) and then whether you want it to be sorted by highest to lowest, or lowest to highest. Simple.

  7. Search and Favorites do what they've always done. You can search for people easily, or select 'edit favorites' to check the stars that appear down the left hand side next to experts, creating your own customized list of your own favorite experts and fans.

  8. Download will still download a CSV file. We've removed this on mobile for now, because we figured that it would be pretty wild to download data onto a mobile device like that, but let us know if that's something you do, and we can figure out if there's somewhere we can keep that.

  9. Finally, the settings button, which lets you customize what you see in the consensus area (eg: you can hide the odds, spreads and favorite icons), and more importantly, you can change which columns appear for you, so if you have no interest in the 'profit' column, you can just turn it off. I should also point out that if you're signed in, the table will remember your settings next time you visit and not show the profit column until you turn it back on!

The feedback we've had since announcing these changes has been very positive, with some users suggesting that this is one of our biggest steps forward. Our plan is to introduce more tools for you to work with this data over time, and as appropriate, but for now, all hail the return of filters!


Underdogs Table

Our newly released underdogs table allows you to measure experts by their underdog picks, and crucially, you can now filter that data in the same way as the rest of the pages.

The previous underdog ranking referred only to the season win % when picking underdogs, but the new table is more expansive and allows you to see individual weekly picks, wins and losses, and weekly win %.

The most important part of the table is that you can now set a minimum number of underdog picks to have made to appear in your results. That means you can filter out anyone who has a 100% record from only making 1 or 2 underdog picks in the season, and focus on those who have gotten the most right, most often.


As always, there's a lot of data there, and how you use it is of great interest to us - let us know any comments about these new features, and any other suggestions at [email protected]