Welcome to Upset Watch's Playoff special!


Every week we give you the best chances of an underdog winning, by assessing every team fairly and without preconceptions to give you our upset picks of the week. That doesn't change in the playoffs, and there are plenty of chances to win this week.

Those picks have resulted in over $3,000+ of profit on individual game picks, and week 18 also maintained our 100% record of picking at least two underdog winners every week of the NFL season in 2021.

This week we have 3 winners from the slate of 6 games and we have in-depth previews of each team. Who is going to upset the odds in the Wild Card round? Find out below!


Regular Season Results


Season singles Profit: +$3,240 ($100 on each money line pick)

Season doubles profit: ($10 on every parlay of 2 from our money line picks): +$1,547.38

Season trebles profit: ($10 on every parlay of 3 from our money line picks): +$1,845.80

Total profit of all 2x and 3x parlays: +$3,393.18

What a regular season! We ended on a high with a 3-2 week that generated positives in single, double and treble selections, and secured us being well above $3,000 profit in those selections.

The 49ers, Steelers and Lions all won, and as mentioned above, that took us to at least 2 wins in every single week. Think for a second, how hard it is to pick underdog winners, and then remember that there were weeks where we picked every underdog winner in the entire NFL schedule!

This isn't a brag. It is all data-led and we'll be doing more in the offseason to expose that data to you so that you can do some of your own research into each team, but the key to Upset Watch is just thinking! With 35% of NFL games ending in an underdog winning, there is no sport where the majority of people are wrong so often.


Injury updates

I appreciate that injury updates are a tricky thing to manage, and one person made a request that I put something on those games to show that there's been an update. This would save them time reading every blurb to see if there's any major changes.

That makes sense to me, so from here on in, I'll put parentheses next to each game in the summary list at the start of the picks to denote that the game has been updated. For example:

Team A at Team B (+240) (updated Sunday 27th)

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Wild Card Picks: