Greetings, Upset Watchers.

As we head towards mid-season, the dynamics around the league change, particularly in regard to injuries. Players begin to feel the impact (literally) of 6-7 weeks of football, and their bodies require rest or treatment.

Of course, we're in the business of picking underdog winners, and that's a double-edged sword. Sometimes, it works for us. There's a game this week that we picked early to get on as underdogs, and they're now favorites because of an injury.

Flip that round, and we had to pull our Thursday pick because it became apparent by Thursday morning that the Saints didn't have a healthy QB to start, and whoever played would not be at full fitness.

From this point on, for clarity, I want to make sure there is a separate update for changed picks if they come in after our article is first published on Wednesday. I won't publish an update just to say we have doubts, but I will if we have either to remove or add a pick to the roster.

This week, we have a great example. A team that is a heavy underdog has a much better chance of winning than it did on Wednesday. Below, I have added that pick to our existing 5 picks that you can read here.