Welcome to Upset Watch, our guide to the best underdog picks of the week. Each week I'll give you a handful of underdog candidates to bet on. This one isn't about your Pick'em picks, this is for those people looking to make money - and we're up $2,000 in 12 weeks so far.

Last week wasn't one of our finest. I said in the article that it was going to be a tough week, and it proved so. We maintained our record of getting 2 upsets each week of the season so far, with help from Washington, but all round, it wasn't as good as other weeks of the season.

That said, we're still doing incredibly well so far, so let's dive straight into this week's picks.

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Season Record:

Individual picks ($100 on each underdog and underdog cover pick): +$1,980

Double Round Robin Picks ($10 on parlays of 2, covering every combination of underdog picks) +$1,004.58

Treble Round Robin Picks ($10 on parlays of 3, covering every combination of our underdog picks) +$1,502,23

Total of all parlays (doubles and trebles): +$2,397.61

Last week was painful. For me, Thanksgiving is one of the hardest days of the year to predict, but in general, things just didn't go our way on Sunday. I had been close to adding the Giants once the weather turned in New York on Saturday, but that was as close as we would have come.

Hey, I'm honest. Some people will tell you that their system wins every week. I will tell you the truth, which is that when it wins, it wins big.

This season 50% of our underdog picks to win have won. That's an insane statistic in context, because the NFL is one of the toughest sports leagues in the world to predict, so the fact we're able to at least double - if not treble - your money on each of those picks is incredibly valuable.

That said, if you're one of the 5,000 people subscribed to Upset Watch and who have been reading this column for 5 years now, then you already know this. Now let's stop moping and get some picks in...


Week 13 Picks: