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NFL Week 14

  • Straight-up picks Our season-long expert leader is also the best over the last 5 weeks, and one of our most consistent lifetime performers too, racking up over 1,000 career wins so far on Pickwatch. Check out their picks here. (Experts only, NFL money line picks over last 5 weeks, sorted by wins, minimum of 50% season picks, last 5 weeks columns enabled)
  • Straight up profit You can follow the experts who get the most picks, or you can follow the fans with validated picks on Pickwatch, who generate the most profit. For those of you who are interested in pure profit, our best fan player has $2,170+ profit over just the last 5 weeks, over 3x as much as the best experts. (Experts and fans, NFL money line picks over last 5 weeks, sorted by profit, minimum of 50% season picks made, minimum 50% picks made this week last 5 weeks columns enabled)
  • Straight up fan picks If you're wondering whether the fans sometimes outperform the experts? Your answer is right here. From the tens of thousands of players making picks on Pickwatch, one player has managed to pick almost 80% of NFL games accurately over the last 5 weeks.  See the best performing fan picks of the last 5 weeks here
  • NFL Underdog picks If you're looking for underdog picks, first off, Pro users should read Upset Watch, our dedicated column, for analysis of every game. If you're wanting to know who the sharpest fans and experts are picking, however, you can use our underdogs section to see that one fan has an incredible 76.9% record picking underdogs (minimum of 10 picks this season) and has 3 upset picks for this week.  (Underdog table, NFL money line picks, minimum 10 underdog picks this season, sorted by underdog win % this season)

  • Against the Spread picks Two of our players hit the magic +$3,000 mark last week, and you can check out their picks for the upcoming week here. Remember, if you add the 'last 5 weeks' column, you can also see that one of those players has accrued over $2,000 of that profit in just the last 5 weeks - a hot streak! (NFL expert and fan ATS picks, sorted by win % over season, minimum 50% picks made on season, minimum 50% of weekly picks made)

  • Points total over/under picks, If you're making points total picks, check out the users at the top of the last 5 weeks. The top-3 users all have over $1,000 profit over the last 5 weeks, and all over 67% of games picked correctly. (NFL Points total over/under leaderboard, experts and fans combined, sorted by win percentage over last 5 weeks)

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