Each week we recap the best of Pickwatch's valuable expert and fan data to show you the best players, whether they're experts or fans. Our top data yields many trends that are easy to follow, especially with tools like our underdog selection highlighter (see the 'customize' box in the top right of money line tables).

One of the difficulties with so much valuable data is to know where to start. This weekly rundown will give you lots of the answers you seek, and maybe some ideas about how you can use our data tables and filters to find the hottest experts and fans to follow, as well as quick links to the best trends of the week.

As always, you'll need to be a full member with either Essential or Pro access to make the most of this data. The links below will take you to the tables. To reveal who those experts and fans are, and see their picks for this week, click here to join.

(Tables, filter and sorting settings are in parentheses next to each link.)


NFL Week 5


  • Let's start with straight-up picks. All season long, a group of fans have beaten the experts at their own game. Check out our leader on almost 77% correct pick percentage over the entire season. This week, you can easily see that the top 3 all agree on the closest calls, food for thought when picking the most difficult games. (Experts and Fans combined NFL money line picks, sorted by wins, minimum of 50% season picks)

  • Here's one just for our Pro users - 13 of our top-15 players and experts (lifetime records) are picking the same team in the tight Jets at Broncos matchup. There's a lot of division in this game among all fans, but the best are all picking one team. Is it the favorite Broncos, or the underdog Jets? With a Pro subscription, you can find out! (Game-by-Game expert and fan data (NYJ at DEN), straight up picks, sorted by combined win % over lifetime.)

  • Over the last 3 weeks, some of our users have generated well in excess of +$1,000 profit on their picks. two of those even nailed last night's Bears pick, one of only 4% of Pickwatch fans who did so. Check out the rest of their picks here (Fan NFL money line picks, sorted by profit, over the last 3 weeks, minimum of 75% picks in period selected)

  • Amazingly, we have a handful of players who are managing up to pick 87% of underdog picks correctly. One fan has picked 13 upsets already in 2023, with only 2 of their underdog picks not winning. This week, they're picking no fewer than 5 underdogs to win outright. (NFL expert and fan underdog pick stats, sorted by season profit, minimum 10 underdogs picked in season)

  • It's probably no surprise to seasoned Pickwatch users that 4 of our top 5 ATS experts and fans picked the Bears to cover last night's +6 spread, even though 61% of total picks went on Washington. As always, keep an eye on who those who consistently win are picking, because if you can see a consensus in ATS picks, it usually means they're on to something that the sportsbooks aren't...  (NFL expert and fan ATS picks, minimum of 50% season picks, sorted by win percentage)

  • Somewhat embarrassingly (or proudly?!), one of our own staff members currently leads all experts and users in our points total picks! We promise it's not rigged, and of course, he can't win the season long prize of $1,000, so don't worry. He's tied with the leading expert on 68.8%.

    Again, look at the top picks for last night - 80% of our top-10 experts and fans picked the over, despite the under being the consensus favorite among all fans. This is why Pickwatch delivers more wins, because it's easy to follow the smartest people every week!  (NFL Points total over/under leaderboard, experts and fans combined, sorted by season wins)

  • Just a quick note on prop picks - we're currently adjusting the leaderboard to be able to view weekly profit and loss. Winners are still receiving prizes, but we're manually calculating that via our database. This should be ready for you to view soon.


NCAAF Week 6


  • If you're a Pro user, one of your big advantages is being able to see who has won over recent weeks, rather than just the whole season. For example, our best player over the last 3 weeks is hitting on 92% of their picks (46-4) over that time. This week, the top two players over that period are also picking the same underdog too! (NCAAF moneyline stats over last 3 weeks, fans and experts, sorted by win percentage, minimum of 25% picks over that time)

  • Our top underdog expert in college football hit again in week 5, and although they've only hit on 47% of their underdog picks, the size of those underdogs has still yielded a +$635 profit so far. This week, look for at least 2 of their 4 underdogs to win. (NCAAF underdog pick stats, fans and experts, sorted by win percentage, minimum of 5 picks)

  • Remember why you need Pro - all of our top-10 fans who pick vs the spread in college football are paid up members of Pickwatch Pro. They have made up to $2,000 in virtual profit already in 2023. You can follow their picks and see which spreads have a consensus very easily by clicking here (NCAAF fan ATS picks, sorted by win percentage, minimum of 25% season picks)