Welcome back to Upset Watch for 2022.


As always, we’re starting our season with team win total predictions. Last year was a huge success, as we went 6-1 on our main picks, and 8-2 if you include the ‘option’ picks that we add at the end of the article.

Notable successes last season included the Jets under 6 wins, the Bengals over 6.5 wins, and the Bills under 13. We have a pretty clear methodology with these picks, and it’s not hard to see where the most likely winners are over time if you track this - which we do!

As you know by now, Upset Watch is a Pro feature.

That means you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly or annual package to see who we’re picking this season. If you want to sign up, you can get 20% off a 12 month package and start reading immediately, along with other Pro benefits and our soon-to-arrive Underdog metrics. That means 22 weeks of Upset Watch for just $24 - our best value offer of the season.



Now, on with the picks...