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Baltimore Ravens (-7.5) @ Miami Dolphins

I have a lot of questions about the Ravens (mostly offensively) but all of those questions have to do with consistency against the NFL’s best, not whether or not they can boat race a team as terrible as the Dolphins. Pick: Ravens


Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys (-8.5)

Week 9 was just an aberration for the still really good Dallas Cowboys...right? Right?!?! Oh heavens, I hope I’m right. Pick: Cowboys


New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans (-3)

These are two teams that are both physically and mentally tough and are overplaying the talent on the roster in all sorts of good ways, but the Titans are the platonic ideal of that while the Saints are a couple of rungs below. Pick: Titans


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts (-10.5)

The Jaguars tend to keep these games against the Colts pretty close and are almost perfect against the spread in these matchups no matter how large that spread is. Still, even if they keep the score close, this should be an easy win. Pick: Colts


Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots (-1.5)

Kevin Stefanski doesn’t get outcoached often, but Bill Belichick has the ability to do so and the Patriots have enough defensive talent to keep this score low, exacerbate the injury/illness issues on the Browns and win what should be a close game. Pick: Patriots


Buffalo Bills (-13) @ New York Jets

A big part of me wants to believe that the Jets and QB Mike White can absolutely play the spoiler here, but I can’t believe that the Bills are going to fall flat two weeks in a row. Pick: Bills


Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-8.5)

At some point, “Big Ben” Roethlisberger is going to hit a cold weather wall and really start to struggle (even more). However, that isn’t going to be against the Lions who are about to get ripped apart with about 10,000 crossing routes. Pick: Steelers


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-9.5) @ Washington Football Team

The Bucs were humbled by the Saints last week, and if you think that’s going to be the norm moving forward, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Instead, the Buccaneers have one, maybe two, losses in them the rest of the season and neither is going to be to a group like Football Team. Pick: Buccaneers


Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals (-10)

In a few different ways, the Panthers defense aspires to do what the Cardinals are already great at. In a few years on the same track, maybe this is a close matchup. In 2021, the Cardinals get a huge, convincing victory on the road and might hold the stagnant Panthers offense to single digits. Pick: Cardinals


Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Chargers (-2.5)

I have picked against the Vikings all year and been a total honk for the Chargers. This matchup though...this matchup screams Vikings road win. It’s entirely possible that the Vikings screw up yet another close game, but based on how teams have played the Chargers recently, this should be a way for Minnesota to get right. Pick: Vikings


Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos (-2.5)

I can’t believe I’m picking the Eagles, but the Broncos are built to stop a more traditional drop-back passer and Jalen Hurts (while he has struggled this season) should be able to stretch this defense in ways which make them uncomfortable. The Eagles running game will pick up the rest. Pick: Eagles


Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers (-3.5)

If Aaron Rodgers is playing, the Packers are at least a touchdown better...likely more at Lambeau. If Aaron Rodgers sits, I still think they could eke out this win. Pick: Packers


Kansas City Chiefs (-2.5) @ Las Vegas Raiders

Man, I really want to pick the Raiders here. They’re literally the better team right now, and there’s definitely a chance that this turns into a shootout and the Raiders have more firepower. But, it’s primetime and it’s a divisional game...that says the Chiefs to me. Pick: Chiefs


Los Angeles Rams (-4) @ San Francisco 49ers

The Rams are going to go full bully mode in this one. The 49ers are heralded as one of those mentally tough teams like the Titans (and, they should be) but they’re not. The Rams have some things to work out and they’re going to work them out at the expense of the Niners. Pick: Rams