Hello to all Pickwatch readers.

From today, you'll notice our main menu has changed in a couple of ways.

  1.  We wanted it to stand out from the white background a little more. Long time readers will know that we had a similar color scheme back in 2018. The navy blue will help newer users understand where they can find content.

  2. In addition, we've also added a sub-menu for each sport in a lighter blue. We know some of our users like to be able to see the menu items rather than go through many layers of sub-menus, so this change will mean you're only a click away from your favorite Pickwatch pages.
  3. The sub-menu will change depending on which sport you're on, so our new NBA, NHL and MLB menus will all direct you to the content in that sport.

Why are we doing this? Apart from the aforementioned user experience issues, we are also now providing picks for 5 sports and will add a 6th (College Basketball) in time for March Madness. 

Our previous menu system was hard to use even for those of us who knew where things should be, and this is a huge improvement.

Any questions? You know where to head, drop us a line in the chat window and our support staff will help you find what you need.