We're happy to announce that you can now once again add your favorite experts and fellow fans to a list of favorites that can be accessed at any time.

You can now click the favorites icon in the top right of the table (click the three little dots on mobile) and you’ll see stars appear next to each expert. Clicking those stars and turning them yellow will add them to your favorites.


To view your customized table, select your favorites from the same drop down menu that has ‘experts only’, ‘fans only’ and ‘combined’ in it. A big improvement with this feature is that the consensus will now update with only these experts, and you can also add users to the list alongside the pros.


How to:


Step 1: Select the favorites icon from the top right


Step 2: Check your favorite experts and fans (you can search and change the table while favorites are active. They'll autosave when you click, and click again to remove them.


Step 3: View your favorites by clicking the Table type dropdown at the top of the page:


Once we have a second pass of this, we’ll add multiple lists that you can name accordingly, and the ability to integrate pro stats into the lists, but for now, the favorites panel should allow you to very simply see your favorite experts, and that’s exactly what I believe most people want!


Feel free to drop us a line at @Pickwatch on Twitter, and look out for more features this season!