This is the first in a new series recapping and signposting our best data.

One of the difficulties with so much valuable data is to know where to start. This weekly rundown will give you lots of the answers you seek, and maybe some ideas about how you can use our data tables and filters to find the hottest experts and fans to follow.

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NFL Week 2


NCAAF Week 3

  • We all know how hard it is to nail an underdog win in college sports. That's what makes this so impressive: One expert has hit 100% of his college football upset picks, going 5-0 in the first two weeks and leading all experts. (NCAAF Underdog pick stats, sorted by wins, minimum of 5 picks)

  • We also know that ATS picks in college ball are much more wild than in the NFL, with spreads that seem outlandish at times. That's why good experts are a valuable resource each week. We're certainly keeping an eye on the expert with 86% picking against the spread this week. (NCAAF expert ATS picks, sorted by wins, minimum of 50% season picks)

  • Finally, If you're just picking winners, maybe instead of looking at the experts, you should be checking out the 25 fans who have beaten all experts in money line picks. (NCAAF expert and fan straight up picks, sorted by wins, minimum of 50% season picks).


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