Welcome Pickwatch fans old and new!

2021 promises to be our biggest year yet. We've done a lot of work to integrate our user and expert picks, added a new sport (Baseball) and improved our Pro service to give you more information at the same price.

But by far our biggest upgrade is in the handicapper picks section, bringing only trustworth and verified handicappers into our platform to sell only their best picks. 

Launching Wednesday September 1st, here's a quick guide to how it revolutionises the Sharp industry.

What are handicapper picks and where can I find them on Pickwatch?

Handicapper picks are designed specifically to win you money betting. Unlike when an expert picks all 16 games, a handicapper will pick only the game or games that they feel are 'can't miss', with you then using that information to place wagers at sportsbooks to win money.

You can see this section just above the main table, highlighted in the green box below:

If you click the 'View All Picks' button, you'll be taken to the main handicappers table, that has all picks made recently and can be sorted by various factors.


What's the problem elsewhere?

In a nutshell, trust.

A number of sites exist that sell expensive handicapper picks for $60+ per pick, but we've watched for the last decade as those handicappers and sites colluded to exaggerate their records. We've heard and seen deeply unethical approaches that make picks sound perfect, but are actually no better than flipping a coin.

For example, we tracked a handicapper with a losing record for a month, who subsequently claimed a $10k profit for the same time period. Another handicapper on the same platform made a respectable $2k profit, but exaggerated it to $15k.

We think that's wrong. Pickwatch was created to give you good information, and we're willing to stake our reputation on getting ethical, truthful, and talented handicappers to provide you with picks you can trust.

How does Pickwatch solve the problem?

Our new platform works differently to standard pick sellers in 3 main ways:

  1. Experts are validated by us, and you can see their accurate, Pickwatch verified records and previous picks.

  2. Instead of subscribing to an expert for a month or a season, you purchase credits for our platform and can change between experts at ANY time, so you're always following the hot hand. 

  3. If picks don't win, you get your credit back!

Our aim was to put the power back into your hands. No longer are you tied to a losing expert because you paid a lot of money for their picks all season long. There's no subscription, no membership, and no recurring payments. You're completely in control and can buy as many or as few picks as you like.

Instead, you now get cheaper picks, validated records, total flexibility, and a guarantee that if a pick doesn't win for any reason, you can unlock another absolutely free.


How much does it cost?

You can buy a single pick for just $30, and buying in bulk saves you a lot of money. For example, if you wanted to unlock 20 picks, you'd pay just $19.95 per pick, and anyone buying packages for a season can expect discounts of over 50%.

You can buy, for example, 100 picks and pay just $13.99 for each one! 

This blows all the other handicapper services out of the water on price. For example, another service offers the same picks, with untrustworthy records, for over $60 per pick.

Here's our pricing page with some of the prices:

How can I get started?

Handicapper Picks will launch on Wednesday September 1st. If you'd like to know more, please drop us a message via Intercom and we'll ensure you get an early access deal.