Our 2023 NCAAF pick contest is now live. We have prizes on offer for both weekly and season winners, and full details can be found below.

How can I win?

To win any of our prizes this season, you must make the most profit from your picks.

Each week we'll have a prize on offer for the fan with the most profit from their moneyline, spread, and points total picks. We'll also have season prizes on offer for these categories too.

Prize Breakdown

Weekly - The fan with the most profit at the end of each week in each pick category will receive a free month of Pickwatch Pro. If you are already subscribed to Pickwatch Pro, then we will extend your subscription by one month.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a random draw.

Season - At the end of the season, we will have prizes for the top three fans in each pick category, which will be as follows:

  • First place - $1,000 Amazon voucher + Annual Pickwatch Pro subscription
  • Second place - Annual Pickwatch Pro subscription
  • Third place - Annual Pickwatch Essential subscription

Please note, in the event of a tie, we will determine the winner by number of picks made.

How to enter

To take part in our contests, you have to simply make picks. This can be done either using the Pickwatch app or the Pickwatch website.

When you make your picks, as long as there are odds available for the game, a $50 stake is added to the pick. You can decrease this to as little as $0 if you are not entirely confident with the pick, or increase it to $100 dollars if you think it's definitely the right call.

Your picks are locked in as soon as the game starts, and no further changes can be made. When the game ends, you'll receive a profit amount based on your stake and the odds when you made your pick.


We know it can be hard to work out a strategy to win pick'em contests, that's why we exist! Here are our top tips to perform better:

  1. Don't place the maximum amount on every game!
    You may have some good weeks doing this, but over a season, every game you lose, you will lose $100, whereas the games you win, you will likely make substantially less than this in profit due to the lower odds of favorites.

  2. Use Pickwatch Pro!
    Some users may prefer to know which underdogs have a good chance of yielding profit which they can find on our new underdog ranking for experts and fans, coming next week. Others might reserve their bigger wagers for dead cert favorites chosen from our CPU algorithm. Pro gives you the best options for both strategies.

  3. Remember, you can make picks for every game, but you do not need to place a wager amount on them all.
    Be clever about the games you avoid, and go harder towards the games you love.

  4. Follow the best experts and fans!
    Again, Pro users always perform well in our contests because they can see the strategies of the best players in our tables.

  5. Check who is hot recently
    Pickwatch Pro members have use of the 'Custom Date Range' feature, meaning you can check who has the best performance over the last 5 weeks, or over your own timeframe. Don't just follow the overall leader who is in a slump, check who is best right now!

That's it! That's how to take part in our 2023 contest. Good luck!