Let's start by summing up the season so far.

The aim of this blog isn't to prove how I'm better than these guys at picking football games. It is to show just who is good and bad of the NFL analysts out there and who you should trust with your... picks.
A lot of analysts (especially those on TV) are good at talking, and when you're good at talking, you don't necessarily have to know what you're talking about beyond being able to shout louder than other people. That's the case for a lot of guys out there who get paid to spout rubbish. On the other hand, there are some folks who are willing to put themselves on the line every week and come out looking pretty good at the end. Who are they? Let's find out...

Now then, this year I am currently 117-59, despite the fact that I started abysmally, even missing out a few picks by virtue of forgetting about Thursday Night Football.... How does that sound? Not sure? Me neither, so I decided to track down the NFL 'experts' that we rely on to force information into our open orifices (ears, eyes in the main) in pre-games shows and on websites.

So 117-59, where does that rank on the season so far? I'm going to be posting NFL 'expert' picks and making my own mini-league table to keep track of where I am in relation to the guys who definitely know more than me or you about football. I won't bore you with an exhaustive list today, instead I'll mainly be highlighting the best performances. You might notice some experts getting creative with how the tie between St. Louis and San Francisco was counted - balls to that, it's a loss and I've counted that and any games not picked as a loss (No need to thank me boys!), unless it seems that person doesn't regularly pick a full schedule, in which case, to quote the late, great Dave Damashek: SHAME!

Here's the top end of the scale:

Later this week I'll be doing a blog post about the cremé de la crap of broadcasting, those guys who are telling you where to put your money and your pride, when they haven't even got a clue themselves. Should be fun...

My results so far this year:

Week 1: 6-8

Week 2: 8-6

Week 3: 12-3

Week 4: 7-9

Week 5: 7-9

Week 6: 9-7

Total weeks 1-6: 49-42

Week 7: 12-1

Week 8: 12-2

Week 9: 11-3

Week 10: 8-6

Week 11: 12-2

Week 12: 13-3

Total weeks 7-12: 68-17

Overall: 117-42