Pickwatch 2019 Supercontest: How to Play


Pickwatch $4,500 Supercontest 2019

On a scale of 1-5, how confident are you that the Patriots would beat the Bills? 4? 5? Probably a high number. But what if they were playing the Chiefs? That could be a 1 or a 2…

Well, with the Pickwatch Supercontest 2019, you now have a chance to win part of our $4,500 prize pool for 2019 and become an official NFL expert in 2020!

The top prize for the year is a cool $1,000 for our Straight-up and Spread winners, but there are also weekly and monthly prizes up for grabs, all just for making your picks! As an added bonus, we’ll also be offering Pickwatch goodies and Premium subscriptions as spot prizes during the season.

How to enter:

Entering is as simple as making your picks and assigning a ‘unit’ of confidence between 1-5 for each pick. To enter, first click the first row of any expert or user table, for example, on the expert page:

make picks example 600x494

If you're not an existing user, you'll be prompted to sign up. If you're an existing user who isn't logged in, you'll be prompted to log in.

Then, all you need to do is make your picks for the week as normal, but don't forget that unit stake! The more you risk, the more points you win each week and the more prizes you can take home.

make picks form 600x494

At the end of the season, whoever has the highest points score based on their units gained in our straight up and ATS picks will be crowned Pickwatch 2019 Supercontest champion, win $1,000 and enter the 2020 season as an expert on our tables alongside the guys at ESPN, CBS and all of the other networks!

The rules in brief:

  • All picks must be made before the kick-off of a given game.

  • For the purposes of the contest, your straight up and ATS picks are the same as your normal NFL picks. No special entry must be made.

  • The primary scoring method is the UNIT STAKE not the number of games picked correctly. This means that if you stake 5 units on a correct pick, you get 5 points towards your total score. If you stake 3 units, you gain 3 points and so forth.

  • If you stake 5 units on an incorrect pick, you will lose 5 points from your score, 3 units you will lose 3 and so on.

  • The primary tie-breaker if two unit scores are tied is the number of games picked. This means that if two users finish tied on points, we will use the number of games they picked as the first tie break. In practice, this means that the more picks you make, the more chance you have to win!

  • The tie breakers after that are:

  • Number of games picked correctly

  • Number of units staked

  • If the scores are still tied after that, the contest will be decided by a random draw between any users still involved.

  • For weekly and monthly contests, the tie-breakers remain the same, however the time period is from the beginning of the calendar month (eg: October 1st) to the end of the Calendar month (eg: October 31st) or the beginning of the gameweek (eg: Thursday night kickoff of gameweek 3) to the end of the gameweek (Monday Night Football). All scores are aggregated over this time period and the tie breaking procedure then comes into effect.

  • All picks must be made before kick-off of games. Picks cannot be made after the kick-off and will be treated as a ‘no pick’. No penalty or benefit will be incurred, however in the event of a tie-break, the less picks you have, the less chance you have of winning.

  • All prizes will be announced on a weekly basis via the Pickwatch Twitter account ( https://twitter.com/pickwatch ) and on the leaderboard.

  • For the full boring terms and conditions, please click here.