We're super excited about the launch of our MLB platform.

Over the years, Pickwatch has helped millions of US fans get better at predicting NFL and NCAAF games. The feedback we get is consistently that Pickwatch is the core reason that our users win their pick'em pools more than their friends and colleagues. It's also become a hugely popular data service that helps people make the best sports betting picks and wins them cold, hard cash.

Our intention has always been to expand into more sports, but this year is the start of a big expansion for Pickwatch and Baseball is only the beginning.

You can expect to see every major sport on Pickwatch by the end of 2021, and within our platform, you'll also see major improvements to how you interact with our data, how you communicate with your fellow fans, and the scope of the data you can see.

For now, let's focus on MLB Pickwatch...

What is MLB Pickwatch?

The difference between following the best and worst sports predictions is enormous. Some people are paid to make these predictions, yet they are no better than the average Joe at picking games. Conversely, some experts and fans are sharp enough to consistently pick more games accurately than 99% of people.

Here at Pickwatch, we track both fans and experts and simply tell you who is the best at picking games. Our main tables show you thousands of fans and experts, all side by side for comparison. You can see the best and the worst expert picks every day of the season and follow the most accurate fans and experts.

Are there any differences from NFL Pickwatch?

  • We've made every effort to keep the same proven format that you know and love, but the nature of the sports means that there are some minor differences between Baseball and Football picks.
  • First of all, the schedule - there are daily games in the MLB and you can navigate to the next game day using the calendar at the top left of the table.
  • We'll be covering picks every day from the main computer models such as Accuscore, BetQL, Numberfire, Teamrankings and more.
  • We'll also cover experts from CBS, ESPN and beyond, but one difference you'll notice in MLB is that there are less human experts picking every game, and the majority of 'experts' picking each day are likely to be computer picks.
  • You'll also notice that our layout is improving! We've taken on board feedback from our NFL fans, and we're offering more options that are easier to use on the main table. You can now customize in just 1-2 clicks which columns appear, and also choose to show the favorites (either based on the run line or on the odds to beat the run line)
  • We've integrated odds into our table header too, so you can now easily see which teams are favored to win and what the latest odds are from our partners at Draftkings.
  • For the most part though, you'll recognize instantly that this is Pickwatch as you know and love it.

Launch date:

We're now up and running for 2021! You can make your straight up picks and will be able to make ATS/Run Line picks as soon as the run lines are published.

What can I win?

We'll have full details of our prizes next week, but we'll have thousands of dollars worth of prizes to give away. We're focused on giving away bigger prizes this season, so expect to fight it out for larger monthly prizes, rather than smaller daily ones!

What's next for MLB?

Pickwatch Pro will launch for Baseball this Spring. Pro allows you to narrow all of the picks on Pickwatch down to the best experts per team or per game. With pro, you can guarantee that you have the best picks, guaranteed.

What's in the pipeline for Pickwatch?

Our core aim in 2021 are to cover every sport to the same level we cover the NFL. That means by December you'll see NBA and NHL Pickwatch pages, and they'll all be accessible here at pickwatch.com, without needing to visit different sites.

We'll also be launching a mobile app for the first time. This will transform your experience on Pickwatch and give you the inside track on every game in every sport.

We also have a host of exciting updates to our service here. You can expect to see more pick categories (O/U, Prop bets, Live in-play picks) where you can prove your knowledge. There will be more prizes to win for being better than your fellow players, and more data to use in order to win - no matter which sport, or what's at stake!