2015 NFL Expert Picks and predictions Week 21

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It’s the NFL offseason, and here at Pickwatch we always ensure that we use this time to add new features. We’ve got a lot of new additions coming before September, and we want to tell you more about all of them.

Below you can see the cumulative final standings of the 2014 season (including playoffs). Soon, we’ll allow you to make your week 1 picks for 2015 on this page, but for now,  here’s a list of new features we plan to add in the coming weeks and months. We hope you check back to get used to these features before September! As always – register here for more updates and to make your own picks.

  • Prediction Monitor – Our new system allows us to track any prediction about any team, player or subject. You can filter predictions by year, experts, teams, subjects and players.
  • Draft Coverage – Every Mock in one place. We’ll also allow you to make your own mock draft from December onwards.
  • Historical Draft Predictions – We’re going back through the archives to tell you what the experts really thought before NFL players were drafted.
  • Player Performance Picks – Important for fantasy players, not only will we track expert predictions about players, we’ll let you make your own predictions for each game!
  • New Team and matchup hubs – find all our stats for both ATS and straight up picks in one place, and make your own picks!
  • Graphical updates across the site

Of course, there are also a whole host of minor tweaks we’ll be making to the way our weekly expert picks are displayed based on your feedback last season. We’re also aiming to launch our College Football site over the summer too!

If you have any queries about these, or want to suggest a new feature, leave us a comment below. We thank all of you for your ongoing support. With over 5m hits during the 2014 season, we know how many of you enjoy our site and our aim is to be even better next year!

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Week 21

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# Name Affil Picks W L % W L %
1Cris CarterESPN010%1877970%
2ESPN FansESPN10100%1877970%
3Pickwatch UsersPickwatch10100%1877970%
4Dave DameshekNFL10100%1858169%
5Jamey EisenbergCBS10100%1858169%
8K.C. JoynerESPN10100%1848269%
9Gary DavenportBleacher Report10100%1838368%
10Ron JaworskiESPN10100%1838368%
11Dan HanzusNFL010%1828468%
12Expert ConsensusNone010%1828468%
13Gregg RosenthalNFL10100%1828468%
14Jim CorbettUSA Today10100%1828468%
15Lorenzo ReyesUSA Today10100%1828468%
16Matt MillerBleacher Report10100%1828468%
17Tom JacksonESPN010%1828468%
18Vegas LineVegas10100%1828468%
19Yahoo UsersYahoo10100%1828468%
20Brendon AyanbadejoFOX010%1818568%
21Nate DavisUSA Today010%1818568%
22Brad GagnonBleacher Report10100%1808667%
23Elliot HarrisonNFL10100%1808667%
24Gordon McGuinnessProFootballFocus010%1808667%
25Microsoft CortanaMicrosoft10100%1808667%
26NFL FAN PICKSNFL010%1808667%
28Pete PriscoCBS10100%1808667%
30Ben StockwellProFootballFocus10100%1798767%
31Don BanksSports Illustrated10100%1798767%
32Marc SesslerNFL10100%1798767%
33Mark MaloneWestwood One10100%1798767%
34Seth WickershamESPN10100%1798767%
35Jimmy TrainaFOX10100%1788866%
37Chris SimmsBleacher Report010%1778966%
38Gary MihocesUSA Today10100%1778966%
39Matt BowenBleacher Report010%1778966%
40Mike FlorioPFT010%1778966%
41Prediction MachinePrediction Machine010%1778966%
42Kevin PatraNFL010%1769066%
43Michael IrvinNFL010%1769066%
44Steve MariucciNFL10100%1769066%
45Steve PalazzoloProFootballFocus10100%1769066%
46Vinnie IyerSporting News010%1769066%
47Bruce MurraySiriusNO
48Josh KatzowitzCBS10100%1759165%
49Michael FabianoNFLNO
50Adam SchefterESPN10100%1749265%
51Joel ThormanSB Nation10100%1749265%
52Michael David SmithPFT010%1749265%
53Michael SchotteyBleacher Report010%1749265%
54Rich EisenNFL010%1749265%
55Tom PelisseroUSA Today10100%1749265%
56Adam RonisSiriusNO
57Alex MarvezFOX010%1739365%
58Chris WesselingNFL10100%1739365%
59Dr. RotoSiriusNO
60Eric AllenESPN010%1739365%
61James LoftonWestwood One010%1739365%
62Jarrett BellUSA Today10100%1739365%
63Dave RichardCBS010%1729464%
64Mark SchlerethESPN10100%1729464%
65Nathan JahnkeProFootballFocus010%1729464%
66Sam MonsonProFootballFocus010%1729464%
67Boomer EsiasonCBS10100%1719564%
68Brent SobleskiBleacher Report010%1719564%
69John BreechCBS010%1719564%
70Mike FreemanBleacher Report10100%1719564%
71Peter SchragerFOX10100%1719564%
72Rod WoodsonWestwood One010%1719564%
73Frank SchwabYahoo10100%1709663%
74James KohNFL010%1709663%
75Keyshawn JohnsonESPN10100%1709663%
76Marshall FaulkNFL010%1709663%
77Henry HodgsonNFL010%1699763%
78Jason La CanforaCBS10100%1699763%
79Khaled ElsayedProFootballFocus10100%1699763%
80Kurt WarnerNFL010%1699763%
81Lindsay H. JonesUSA Today010%1699763%
83Rick DrummondProFootballFocus010%1699763%
84Adam ScheinCBS10100%1689863%
85Matt UffordSB Nation10100%1689863%
86Zach KruseBleacher Report010%1689863%
87Bill LekasSiriusNO
88Chris HansenBleacher Report010%1679962%
89Chris LissSiriusNO
90Merill HogeESPN10100%1679962%
91Mike TanierBleacher Report010%1679962%
92Bart ScottCBSNO
93Eric AdelsonYahooNO
94Neil HornsbyProFootballFocus10100%16610062%
95Mike GarafoloFOXNO
96Mike GolicESPN010%16510162%
98Chris MortensenESPN10100%16410261%
99David FucilloSB Nation010%16410261%
100John HalpinFOX10100%16410261%
101Ryan FowlerFOXNO
102Chris BrockmanNFLNO
103Danny KellySB Nation010%16310361%
104Ty SchalterBleacher Report010%16310361%
105Bill CowherCBSNO
106FOX.com EditorsFOX10100%16210460%
107Jim MillerSiriusNO
108Stephen WhiteSB Nation010%16210460%
109Andrea HangstBleacher Report010%16110560%
110Erik FrenzBleacher Report10100%16110560%
111Rich GannonSiriusNO
112Adam MeyerFOXNO
113Mike DitkaESPN10100%16010660%
114Ryan Van BibberSB Nation010%16010660%
115Joel BeallFOXNO
116Warren SappNFL010%15910759%
117Brandon TierneyCBSNO
118PFT CommenterSB Nation10100%15810859%
119Ryan WilsonCBS10100%15710959%
120TD DanielNFLNO
121Tony GonzalezCBSNO
122Will BrinsonCBS10100%15710959%
123Rivers McCownBleacher Report010%15411257%
124Melissa StarkNFLNO
125Shaun O'HaraNFL010%15211457%
126Chris TrapassoNFLNO
127Sterling SharpeNFL10100%14312353%
128Adam RankNFLNO
129Michael RobinsonNFL010%13912752%
130Marcas GrantNFLNO
131Braden GallSiriusNO
132Jeff EricksonSiriusNO
133Chris LawNFLNO

244 thoughts on “2015 NFL Expert Picks and predictions

  1. Hate to point out another discrepancy, but you have Ditka picking the Ravens. ESPN.com’s NFL Expert Picks has him Picking the Ravens. I notice a little bit of a Ravens bias here.

    1. No that’s fine, thanks for pointing it out – Man, I hate ESPN (or at least whoever enters their picks).

      I was going to tweet earlier while looking at their page that only 3 ESPN experts picked the Ravens. Last week Cris Carter’s pick for the Indy and Cinci game flipped 3 times (check out the comments here):


      Guaranteed no bias, we just sometimes can’t keep up with their crazy changes. I wouldn’t mind, except Ditka’s picks were the last in out of everyone at ESPN!

      Anyway thanks – if you spot anything, let us know. We audit on Saturday and Sunday

  2. Jamey Eisenberg’s picks on here appear to be his “Against the Spread” picks. His “Straight Up” picks according to CBSSports.com were:

    New England, Seattle, Green Bay, and Denver.

    1. Hello – thanks for this. Can guarantee this was a change at CBS’s end, it definitely had the Ravens logo (rather than the abbreviation) and I found this notable at the time as he was the only CBS expert to pick the Ravens. Until he didn’t.

      Cheers for the heads up.

  3. Accuscore actually has Patriots to win, not Ravens. Game preview shows a 58% chance for NE to win, and Balt. just 41%. The playoff bracket that they put out has 53% Ravens, but this is inconsistent with the preview, and seems unlikely to be accurate given the game is at NE.

  4. Sorry again, but Bleacher report had typo, and Bengals/Browns pick was mis-labeled and were reversed. Think Bleacher report has corrected it now:

    Bengals: Bowen, Davenport, Freeman, Frenz, Gagnon, Hansen, Kruse, Miller, Schottey, Sobleski, Tomlinson

    Browns: Hangst, McCown, Schalter, Simms, Tanier

    1. Indeed – this has been fixed, thanks for the heads up. We tend not to check B/R too much because it’s all done ‘by hand’ so we wouldn’t expect any pick changes – in fact when they do, the B/R staff tend to change them with us anyway!


    1. I think one pattern is emerging over the last few years – Jackson, Carter and a couple of others at ESPN tend to put their full slate of picks in to meet the Thursday deadline and then change lots of picks at the weekend. We appreciate people giving us a shout to get them changed.

      We will still continue with a Sunday audit to pick up anything we haven’t already been made aware of.

      Cheers, Shaun

  5. Sunday Pick update:


    TeamRankings: Changed WAS to STL, changed ARI to KC
    Numberfire: Changed TEN to NYG
    Mike Golic: Changed TEN to NYG, changed CLE to IND
    Eric Allen: Changed from BAL to MIA
    Mike Ditka: Changed from BUF to DEN


    Will Brinson Changed from CIN to PIT
    Dave Richard from TEN to NYG


    Changed from no pick to PIT, changed from no pick to SEA

    Added Picks:

    Warren Sapp

  6. When reviewing a “previous” week, it would be nicer if “season” totals were only those totals through the week you’re reviewing (rather than “future” weeks as well).

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