2014 NFL Expert Picks – Week 1


All expert 2014 week 1 NFL Picks compared. Every analyst at ESPNBleacher ReportCBSFOXYahoo!ProFootballFocusUSA TodayAccuscoreNFL NetworkNFL Around the LeagueSI.com & SportingNews.com and more – sorted alphabetically. All predictions are straight up, Against the spread picks are available right here. *Please note that as it is week 1, some networks may pick later in the week than usual – we will have all picks as soon as the pros make them*

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Dave Richard
Jamey Eisenberg
Jason La Canfora
Joel Beall
John Breech
Josh Katzowitz
Pete Prisco
Ryan Wilson
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Will Brinson
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36 thoughts on “2014 NFL Expert Picks – Week 1

  1. Tremendous work! I actually found last season’s format of the tables that we could take and put into excel to be a HUGE feature! And having Team names not images, allowed us to sort on those names in excel.

    This also allowed for many of us to add extra stat columns and filters to manipulate the data incredibly!

    The current format, as an image, won’t allow any of that at all.

    Please consider an approach or a download button that might allow us to continue with having tables that we can import to excel as we did.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Without committing to anything just yet, as the data is stored as text, we should be able to accommodate this at some point. We didn’t realise the depth of feeling on that one!

      No guarantees on a timescale yet, but we’ll have a chat and work out how easy that would be. It won’t replace this page, but we can look at ways to make it available to you guys.

    2. Yes, I liked being able to filter on the pro’s that I favored and then do sumifs based on team names,etc. Not that any of that really helped me that much in my pools. lol, but I liked having the ability to do it. I do have to say ,this layout does look good. I guess not all pro’s have selected their picks yet. It is 1150am on Labor Day so that is understandable.

    1. Ok, we will look to sort something on this front for you. Our plan is actually to make the tables interactive enough that you don’t really need to take them out and put them in excel, but we always pay attention to on to what you guys want.

      We have a busy week 1 ahead as we need to add a few final key features but this will go on ‘the list’!

  2. Pickwatch, adding on to my note just above… its my opinion that when posting the line based on the spread, I don’t think you need to show the line by each picker. That way you can just change the heading and use the same format. Lines vary only marginally and we can always go to the source and verify the exact point spread used for a particular pick. Thanks.

    1. Hi T.O.M. The ATS page is actually ready (in terms of data). We were having trouble fitting it on one page, but you’ve given me an idea – for now I’m going to add a band with the general line instead, which should keep the width down!

      It won’t have the graphics for a few days (or maybe until after the season starts anyway) but we’ll get the data up. Thanks for the suggestion!

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