2014 NFL Expert Picks Week 3

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Week 3

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# Name Affil Picks W L Week % Win %
1Gregg RosenthalNFL11473.33%68.09%
2Pete PriscoCBS13286.67%68.09%
3Adam RonisSirius11473.33%65.96%
4Bill LekasSirius11473.33%65.96%
5Chris SimmsBleacher Report11473.33%65.96%
6John HalpinFOX9660.00%65.96%
7Kevin PatraNFL13286.67%65.96%
8Lorenzo ReyesUSA Today11473.33%65.96%
9Tom JacksonESPN10566.67%65.96%
10Tom PelisseroUSA Today11473.33%65.96%
11Brad GagnonBleacher Report10566.67%63.83%
12Dave DameshekNFL10566.67%63.83%
13Dave RichardCBS11473.33%63.83%
14ESPN FansESPN10566.67%63.83%
15Gordon McGuinnessProFootballFocus11473.33%63.83%
16Jamey EisenbergCBS13286.67%63.83%
17Jeff EricksonSirius9660.00%63.83%
18Michael IrvinNFL11473.33%63.83%
19TD DanielNFL12380.00%63.83%
20Zach KruseBleacher Report11473.33%63.83%
21Bart ScottCBS10566.67%61.70%
22Eric AllenESPN10566.67%61.70%
23Gary DavenportBleacher Report10566.67%61.70%
24Jason La CanforaCBS12380.00%61.70%
25Jim MillerSirius11473.33%61.70%
26K.C. JoynerESPN9660.00%61.70%
27Khaled ElsayedProFootballFocus9660.00%61.70%
28Marc SesslerNFL9660.00%61.70%
29Michael FabianoNFL11473.33%61.70%
30Nate DavisUSA Today10566.67%61.70%
31Rich GannonSirius11473.33%61.70%
32Seth WickershamESPN12380.00%61.70%
33Steve PalazzoloProFootballFocus10566.67%61.70%
36Bill CowherCBS11473.33%59.57%
37Boomer EsiasonCBS10566.67%59.57%
38Braden GallSirius8753.33%59.57%
39Cris CarterESPN11473.33%59.57%
40Don BanksSports IllustratedNO
41Elliot HarrisonNFL10566.67%59.57%
42Expert ConsensusNone10566.67%59.57%
43Gary MihocesUSA Today9660.00%59.57%
44Marcas GrantNFL11473.33%59.57%
45NFL FAN PICKSNFL10566.67%59.57%
46Pickwatch UsersPickwatch10566.67%59.57%
47Prediction MachinePrediction Machine9660.00%59.57%
48Ron JaworskiESPN10566.67%59.57%
49Vegas LineNoneNO
50Will BrinsonCBS12380.00%59.57%
51Adam MeyerFOX9660.00%57.45%
52Adam RankNFL10566.67%57.45%
53Adam ScheinSirius8753.33%57.45%
54Ben StockwellProFootballFocus11473.33%57.45%
55Dan HanzusNFL10566.67%57.45%
56David FucilloSB Nation9660.00%57.45%
57Dr. RotoSiriusNO
58Eric AdelsonYahoo12380.00%57.45%
59Henry HodgsonNFL11473.33%57.45%
60Jarrett BellUSA Today10566.67%57.45%
61Joel BeallFOX11473.33%57.45%
62Kurt WarnerNFL8753.33%57.45%
63Matt MillerBleacher Report10566.67%57.45%
64Michael David SmithPFT10566.67%57.45%
65Mike FreemanBleacher Report10566.67%57.45%
66Mike GolicESPN11473.33%57.45%
67Nathan JahnkeProFootballFocus10566.67%57.45%
68Neil HornsbyProFootballFocus12380.00%57.45%
69Yahoo UsersYahoo10566.67%57.45%
70Frank SchwabYahoo10566.67%55.32%
71Joel ThormanSB Nation12380.00%55.32%
72Mark SchlerethESPN11473.33%55.32%
73Matt BowenBleacher Report12380.00%55.32%
74Merill HogeESPN11473.33%55.32%
75Michael SchotteyBleacher Report11473.33%55.32%
76Mike DitkaESPN10566.67%55.32%
77Mike FlorioPFT12380.00%55.32%
79Rich EisenNFLNO
80Rivers McCownBleacher Report7846.67%55.32%
81Ryan FowlerFOX9660.00%55.32%
82Ryan Van BibberSB Nation10566.67%55.32%
83Sam MonsonProFootballFocus10566.67%55.32%
84Shaun O'HaraNFL10566.67%55.32%
85Stephen A SmithSirius9660.00%55.32%
86Stephen WhiteSB Nation9660.00%55.32%
87Steve MariucciNFL10566.67%55.32%
88Vinnie IyerSporting News10566.67%55.32%
89Andrea HangstBleacher Report10566.67%53.19%
90Chris LawNFL8753.33%53.19%
91Chris WesselingNFL9660.00%53.19%
92Jim CorbettUSA Today9660.00%53.19%
93John BreechCBS9660.00%53.19%
94Josh KatzowitzCBS10566.67%53.19%
95Lindsay H. JonesUSA Today10566.67%53.19%
96Marshall FaulkNFL9660.00%53.19%
97Melissa StarkNFL8753.33%53.19%
98Mike TanierBleacher Report11473.33%53.19%
99Tony GonzalezCBS9660.00%53.19%
100Warren SappNFL7846.67%53.19%
101Adam SchefterESPN10566.67%51.06%
102Brent SobleskiBleacher Report9660.00%51.06%
103Chris HansenBleacher Report9660.00%51.06%
104Chris MortensenESPN10566.67%51.06%
105Danny KellySB Nation8753.33%51.06%
106Matt UffordSB Nation8753.33%51.06%
107Rick DrummondProFootballFocus10566.67%51.06%
108Sterling SharpeNFL7846.67%51.06%
109Ty SchalterBleacher Report11473.33%51.06%
110Chris BrockmanNFL8753.33%48.94%
111Erik FrenzBleacher Report9660.00%48.94%
112Keyshawn JohnsonESPN8753.33%48.94%
113Nick KostosSirius8753.33%48.94%
114PFT CommenterSB NationNO
115Ryan WilsonCBS9660.00%48.94%
116Michael RobinsonNFL11473.33%46.81%
117Brandon TierneyCBS10566.67%44.68%

123 thoughts on “2014 NFL Expert Picks

    1. Great question!!! John Halpin is uncanny!!! #1 last year and #1, so far, this year!!!
      He, along with only one other, took Cleveland over N.O., last week!!! Guy’s fricking amazing!!!
      I, for one, want to know how Halpin keeps pulling these rabbits out of his hat!!!
      Dr. Seahawk

      1. Just look at John Halpin’s picks, this week. He’s taking the Bills, Rams, Lions and Jets! All totally against the experts’ consensus!
        Dr. Seahawk

        1. Right. I’m just looking for some more insight on his picks for when I’m assigning a point value to my picks for our pick’em league. It would be nice to be able to find a blog or something from him talking about which games he has more confidence in than others.

  1. Love the new website! It all worked great last week. I use the text only page and download to excel. I wrote a macro to change all the abbreviations to team nicknames, ie; NO = “Saints”. With the changes you’ve made this week, by putting “NO PICK” in 2 cells instead of 1, my macro thinks everyone is picking New Orleans in every game. Maybe you could put the NO PICK in the same cell or, if there is a shortage of space, make it just NP or, better yet, leave the NO PICK just a blank cell. Appreciate everything you guys are doing. Thanks.

    1. Alright, I have modified my macro to remove the NO PICK before I run the routine to convert to nicknames. Problem solved. Love your work.

      1. Hi looksgreat2me,

        Glad you solved the problem. Eventually, the aim is to have our data available as a downloadable CSV file that can be imported directly into a spreadsheet program. Hope you continue to enjoy using the site.

    1. Hi patman – Dave switched a couple of picks. We picked it up on Sunday morning in a quick sweep. Unfortunately there’s very little we can do about it when a writer changes picks, however in the future we may keep a running log of pick changes on our forum or on a blog post.

  2. Love the site and use it a lot for my own pick ‘em purposes. I’m quite the stat head myself so if you guys ever need any help expanding stuff I’m always game.

    A few quick suggestions…
    1. Expanding the number of sources you draw from. Not that it isn’t already a lot, and you have all the big industry guns covered, but there’s lots of other pretty well-known fantasy sites that do picks and projections (Football Guys, The Huddle, 4-for-4, etc.) that it’d be cool to see how they stack up against everyone else.
    2. For those that predict actual final scores, maybe have a separate page that includes those numbers. Could be kind of helpful for those in pools where you pick against the spread or even confidence point pools.
    3. A way to tailor which expert you want to see. Maybe if each had a box by their name that you could check and uncheck so that, if say, I wanted only to see the twelve or thirteen specific guys I’ve come to trust most, I can filter out the others and get new percentages (and/or scores) specifically for the people I select.
    4. I think maybe you already mentioned this before, but maybe team specific experts. Which folks are the best picking Steelers games vs. picking Raiders games, etc.

    I’ll try and add more as I come up with them. Anyway, keep up the great work. Really dig the site already as is!

    1. Hi sorry we haven’t had a chance to reply yet – yes to all of the above of course. We’ve already thought of a ‘filter’ box to show experts not only based on name, but at some point perhaps based on their percentage when picking only the teams you specify, or based on certain thresholds %-wise.

      In terms of adding more experts, it can certainly be done, albeit not as easily as before the season started – and the sooner the better – so I will make a forum thread asking for suggestions on this.

      In terms of scores I think that may have to wait for now, but it can be added to a ‘desirable’ list. Ideally we would also be able to use those scores to automatically calculate ATS win %…

      Thanks for suggestions. They’re brilliant and very very helpful. I’m going to write a dev blog post recapping what we’ve changed in the last week or so, and then outlining our plans for the future.

  3. I absolutely love the work you guys are doing! This is my one-stop shop for picks.

    Thy season picking percentages are awesome, especially because you put the best pickers at the top. As sort of a stats nerd, it would be really cool to see some more statistics analysis implemented.

    For example, before the game you could show stats for each game. Take the steelers vs ravens game for example. If this was week 15, some of the guys at the bottom (percentage wise) might be picking really poorly in hope of an upset. Similarly, some of the good pickers might be picking very conservatively. It’d be interesting to see how the different pickers (high % vs low %) pick each game. This wouldn’t mean much at the beginning of the season, but after 5 games some interesting trends might start occurring.

    Sorry for the really long example but I hope you guys can add some more statistical analysis later on. The site is really awesome, keep up the great work.

    1. Yeah this is the type of more advanced stuff we’re looking at as the season progresses. We do general previews in the ‘blog’ (for example: this post last night ) that pull out some key stats, but automating them may be a different story.

      We are looking at creating (eventually) a system that will be able to do more advanced analysis though, for example being able to narrow the experts based on their picking % for each team etc. These type of functions might be some way off, but we have the ideas and in the meantime we’ll look at what else can be added.

      Glad you like the site though. Good stuff.

    1. No worries Woodbridge, our pleasure.

      Yep, this is something we’ll make sure we get in. We’ll look at what can be added to the tables over the weekend.

      Also this applies to anyone with suggestions for the site – we’re going to be putting together a priority list of things to be added this season. If you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment, head over to the forum or drop us an email.

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