Section 1: About Pickwatch Section 2: Supercontest Section 3: How to guides Section 4: Glossary

Note to all users - The first time you make picks, please wait 30 seconds and refresh your page. Your picks should show at the top of all tables.

Section 1: About Pickwatch

  1. What is Pickwatch?

Pickwatch began in 2012 and now helps over a million US-based NFL and NCAAF fans make better NFL and NCAAF picks. We collate data from experts and users and show you who to follow in any given game, with best picks and bet data.

  1. How does it work?

Each week, hundreds of verified NFL media experts publish picks directly or indirectly to Pickwatch. In addition, tens of thousands of registered users make millions of picks in our database.

We track these picks throughout the year and show advanced data and stats that allow you to break them down and find the best of the best stats.

  1. How do I find the best stats?

Our stats start at the basic level with the expert tables. These simply put the experts in order of how well they're picking. From those tables, you can customize to show their lifetime record, previous years records, and filter to show other advanced data.

Our best experts and users to follow are shown in the 'Experts to follow this week' tab to the right of the main table (or underneath it on mobile). This gives a more advanced view, breaking down experts and users only by how well they pick those teams involved in any given contest, and by clicking the 'refined' button, you can refine even further to only see records when picking the two teams in the road or home context of the game.

For example, person X may pick the Packers 5-3 in their last 8 games, but they're actually 4-0 when Green Bay are at home and 1-3 when they're on the road. We'll tell you that information so you can follow the best picks for each game, rather than overall percentages or bad data.

  1. How much does it cost?

All of our basic data is free. This means expert tables with their picks are always there for you, as are customisation options. We do require registration for anything beyond the front page of the site, which is also free.

In 2019, we will launch Pickwatch Pro, our premium service that gives you access to personalised pick improvement data and is guaranteed to boost your win percentage, as well as removing all adverts from the site, allowing you unlimited historical downloads, and access to our proprietary Player TD Predictor data that has a history of incredible returns.

This still costs just $5.99 per month, a fraction of what some sites charge you for picks made by one 'expert' who is often guessing. We show you the good data and also tell you how best to use it.

  1. What is 'Clutch'?

Clutch is our word for picks made in games that truly matter. Anyone can pick New England to beat someone when 100% of the experts are in agreement, but the hardest games to pick are those where even the experts don't know who will win.

We class a 'clutch' game as any game where the consensus expert opinion is less than 75% in favor of one team. Those games are the true mark of an expert, and help us with the games we are least sure of.

Section 3: How to Guides

  1. Registration and sign in:

You can sign in or register in the top right hand corner of any page by following the below links. Both forms are simple to use.

2019-08-30 16 45 03-NFL Pickwatch - Expert Week 1 2019 Straight Up Picks - nflpickwatch.com

For a walkthrough guide to registration, please click here.

  1. Making your picks:

Making your picks is easy. Simply click the top row of any expert or user table in NFL or NCAAF and you can edit your pick for that game directly from the table.

make picks example

This year, we have included the ability for you to add a unit stake to your picks. This allows you to set the confidence of your picks from 1-5, but also gives you a better chance of winning prizes in our $4,500 prize pool Supercontest.

make picks form

  1. Customize the table

The Expert tables and some user tables can be narrowed down by filters and customizable options. You can change all of the columns to the right of the picks to reflect your preferred settings (for example, include last year's data, or remove it).

You can also choose to show the spreads on NFL games even in straight up context, for reference, or include ties in an expert's record.

What's more, once you're done, you can save these as a preset (up to 5, in fact) and then every week come back to the same info, updated to suit you!

To get started, click the 'Customize' and 'Filter' buttons above the tables.

  1. View my record

To find yourself in our user table, head over to the table you wish to search and click 'filters' - you can search your username.

You can also find this information in the user profile section (coming week 1 2019) along with meta stats and data to help you improve.