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How does Pickwatch work?

Pickwatch is your one-stop shop for everything related to picking games. We track all the expert predictions for each game and allow you to quickly see who is picking which team. We sort the experts by how well they pick games too, so you know who to follow and who to avoid.

On top of that, we also provide 'Against the Spread' picks, as well as college picks, power rankings from 10 different networks, and season long predictions.

Can I make my own picks?

Absolutely! In 2018 exciting changes are coming to Pickwatch that will give you advanced feedback and information on your picks. You can make your picks both straight up and vs the points spread, for both NFL and college football.

Our feedback will highlight which teams you pick best and where you can improve, as well as tailored suggestions of how to get better and how other users are maximising their returns in pick'em and sports betting.

Why should I register?

Registered users get a whole host of benefits:

  • Access to all content
  • Personalized filters that save time
  • Downloadable excel versions of each upcoming week
  • advanced analysis of your picking trends and habits (coming soon!)
  • Contests throughout the season, including weekly spot prizes
  • Rewards and achievement badges for beating the experts and other users
  • Access to beta testing of new features

How much does it cost?

Our services are completely free. All you have to do is sign up for free!

When are the picks updated?

We update picks every day, as soon as we are aware that an expert has made them. In some cases, media networks send their picks directly to us, but in other cases, we're collating the data by hand.

This means that the picks change day-to-day, so check back throughout the week to see the latest changes!

Expert Picks

Can the experts change their picks?

Yes - we track back over expert picks regularly each day to ensure they are up to date. If you think something has changed, feel free to get in touch and we will update immediately

What is the deadline to change picks?

For users and experts, the deadline is kick-off of the game in question. Our system automatically closes the game to new picks from users at that point.

What if an expert picks after the deadline?

We judge each case on it's merits. If a pick comes in once or twice, a few minutes after a game starts, we will give an expert the benefit of the doubt unless they have clearly waited until meaningful action has taken place.

If that happens, or if it becomes a pattern, based on previous user feedback, we will exclude that expert's pick for any games they missed the deadline for. In future, we will keep those picks in the database, but notify users where the pick was discounted with a tag and discount them from any calculations.

I am an expert, can you include my picks?

Yes, provided that you work for a reputable source and have a history that we can verify that makes you an 'expert'! Of course, we could all claim to be experts, but for the good of other users, we have to apply some objective standard to the term!

If you still feel like you are an expert, feel free to send an email to [email protected] and we will happily consider your request!

Why are some college picks missing?

With so many college games each week, experts often pick a slate of 14-18 games each week, and they'll sometimes select completely different games to their counterparts at another network. CBS may choose to pick Arizona vs Arizona State, whereas USA Today may ignore it completely.

We still include the picks for any game where there's a substantial number of expert predictions to use.

Making my picks

How do I make my NFL picks?

You can make your picks by clicking here. You'll need a free account that takes just a moment to set up.

How do I make my College football picks?

Just like in the NFL, you can make college picks - you'll need to click here and remember to sign up for an account too!

Can I pick vs the points spread?

Yes! From 2018 users can now pick against the spread. To pick vs the spread for the NFL click here and to pick vs the spread for NCAA matchups, click this link

What are 'survivor' picks?

This year for the first time, you can make your survivor pick on Pickwatch.

In week 1, you can select just one team who is your 'LOCK OF THE WEEK'. If that team wins, you move on to week 2 and do the same. If the team loses, you are out of the contest!

You can only use each team once a season, so if you pick the easy matchups in week 1, that team will not be available in week 11, when you're running out of options and there's more at stake!

What are the prizes for winning?

We will offer a prize for the winner of the survivor pool, this will be announced prior to week 1.

We will also offer weekly prizes to the winners of our other contests, including straight up, ATS and confidence pools.

Can I make Confidence and Survivor picks for college?

At this point, no, primarily because of the way college football schedules mean that some teams are only in the schedule once. We plan to offer confidence picks in future.

Can I see who other people are picking?

You can indeed, by heading to the User Picks page for NFL or college in the main menu.

Can I not just pick one game and get 100% for the season?

No! We apply a threshold - anyone who has picked less than 50% of the available games for a season goes behind the last person to predict over 50% of the games.

So if Jeff has picked 10 of 60 games and got 100%, he'll go behind Susan, who has only got 40% right, but has picked every game.

This is the fairest way of ensuring that we get all of the data in to help analyze your picks, without effecting the table.

You'll soon be able to filter the table to ignore any user who has picked under X% of games or has a score of less than Y%, if you choose.

How do you decide who wins the prize contests?

Yearly prizes are sorted by the NUMBER OF TOTAL wins, rather than percentage.

Weekly prizes vary and are announced each week. Where a tie takes place, we hold a random prize draw.

Survivor pool continues as long as players are involved. If more than one player is still 'in' after week 17, a tie-breaker contest will be held during the playoffs. If more than one player is still in after the Super Bowl, a prize draw will be held, or if a prize is shareable, it will be shared equally between winners.