Who will win the NFC South in 2015

The NFC South is always a tough division to predict, but even more so in 2015. We’re going to give this one a go, but its a hard task. If you don’t agree, tell us your predictions in the comments below, or you can make your own season picks right here.

The current betting:

Saints                2/1
Falcons              9/4
Panthers          14/5
Buccaneers      8/1

My prediction:

NO¬†(9-7) –¬†The Saints are the best of a crazy, bad bunch. They’ve let go of key weapons such as Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham etc over the last couple of seasons and replaced them with run-of-the-mill guys like Mark Ingram and erm, who knows? (It’s Josh Hill and Ben Watson really). ¬†Call me old fashioned, but none of these teams inspire confidence, and I can see a lot of attrition, because the only winnable games for these teams seem to be within the division.

ATL¬†(8-8) –¬†The Falcons suck i key places, O-line, D-line, linebacker, secondary, tight end… need I go on? Their saving grace is Matt Ryan. Roddy White and Julio Jones – plus a solid ‘3 backups = 1 decent RB’ arrangement in the backfield. I think they’ll luck their way to a few wins, but not expecting the division win some have them down for.

TB¬†(6-10)¬†Awful team, awful coach (I say that as a Bears fan who wants him to do well) and a poor roster. This has all the makings of a mid-season firing, but Lovie is just too god damn nice. I am indifferent towards Jameis Winston, but I wouldn’t rule him out after a few poor preseason outings, as¬†they’re about as useful as a petrol operated fire extinguisher when it comes to an accurate assessment of a QB’s play. Nonetheless, it’ll be a long season, punctuated by some brief moments of optimism.

CAR¬†(4-12)¬†Oh wow, I HATE the Panthers this year – and I am no hater of this team usually. This one may get some stick, but their WR situation is abysmal (TED F-ING GINN IS STARTING!), their RB Jonathan Stewart is one injury away from calling it career, and they have a pretty poor O-line protecting a guy who doesn’t tend to protect himself too much.

On the plus side, they have the best MLB in the game and a monster D line. To put it into perspective though, they took the Bears two most ageing DB’s (Roman Harper and Charles Tillman) and decided to start them.

This team is going to get roasted for weeks at a time, I’m absolutely stunned they are some people’s pick for the division. In fairness though, none of the above teams are good, so maybe they all have a shot?

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