Who will win the NFC East in 2015?

As you can probably tell, we’re up against it here at Pickwatch HQ – but we’re certainly not complaining. The more the merrier.

The only downside of trying to do all the minor things is that it ain’t easy getting ‘serious’ articles, so I’m going to have to do a slightly condensed version of the Divisional picks that I’ve done so far for the AFC North, NFC North, and AFC East. Don’t worry, nobody else cares what I think either.

And rightly so.

The current betting:

Eagles           6/4
Cowboys      9/5
Giants            9/2
Redskins      16/1

My prediction:

PHI (14-2) – I think this is, as they say, it. The Eagles are about to become a powerhouse NFL team, and they’re built to last. In previous years, I kind of felt they were a bit flaky, and that their position groups were often weak beyond a single ‘name’ starter. This year, the opposite. I think they’ve built position depth and a positive coaching strategy that will pay off. I think they’ll be on home turf through the playoffs.

NYG (10-6) I have the Giants down as potential wild cards. Why? Well in all honesty, because they are so far off the radar it isn’t even funny, and this team always responds when you least expect it. Even when they won the Super Bowl in ’07, it was off the back of a ridiculous start to the season. I could well envisage them beating the Cowboys on Sunday too.

DAL (6-10) Nope. The big question is can Tony Romo stay healthy, and I think this is the year that it becomes clear that he cannot. Even if he can. I think the Cowboys have a pretty poor secondary, a weak receiving unit and a running back situation in flux. If this team wasn’t the Dallas Cowboys, they’d be predicted 8-8 by every expert.

WAS (1-15) Because it’s churlish to say 0-16. This team sucks a bag of… well it’s not good. Top to bottom dysfunction,  an absolute travesty of a roster, and a coach on borrowed time. Maybe I’ll eat crow in January, but if I do, I suspect it will be Colt McCoy who has somehow turned this disaster around. Considering I don’t rate him at all, that’s a damning indictment of the rest of this team.

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