Who will win the AFC South in 2015?


Here’s our sort-of preview of the AFC South – again, apologies for the hasty output. I’ve got copious notes that I considered posting verbatim, but the swearing makes it impossible.

On with the show.

The current betting:

Colts        1/4
Texans     9/2
Jaguars   25/1
Titans      28/1

My prediction:

IND (11-5) – This division is far from a cakewalk. Even the Titans have a certain way about them that means I could see them doing ok this year. As for the Colts, they’re the best of s a sneakily good bunch, with good roster depth, a solid coach, and of course, a mercurial QB. I’m concerned about RB depth behind Frank Gore, but apart from that, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

HOU (10-6) – Great to see the Texans come back from a couple of lean years, assuming they do so. JJ is a monster. in fact the whole defense is actually a massive plus point, and should do more than enough to keep everyman Brian Hoyer in a job come November at least. I think Ryan Mallett has hurt his chances to usurp Hoyer, barring another major injury to the guy I can’t help rooting for.

JAX (8-8) This is a good time to be on the Blake Bortles bandwagon, as the guy has a nice shot at a halfway decent season this year. I don’t think the Jags are super-hot, but consider this 8-8 one of those ‘I honestly don’t know’ deals. They could be sneaky playoff contenders if Bortles is for real and they solve their WR conundrum caused by the self-destruction of Justin Blackmon.

TEN (4-12) Not a good team, but I think they’ll have 3 games where they absolutely go against all odds, including in week 1 where I quite like them to upset the Bucs. Do you remember also, that they’ve upset teams in consecutive years (Steelers in 13, Chiefs in 14) on opening day? I’m telling you, much like the Giants, they are dangerous to underestimate. Unlike the Giants however, they aren’t good at translating that into a winning season.

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