Upset Watch

As the season moves into the last few weeks, we’re looking for patterns and trends that will help us stay on the right side of upsets. I’ll outline below a concept I’ll be using called ‘Expected Upsets’ First off, let’s use this handy chart to tell us how many upsets […]

Upset Watch: Week 16

The last few weeks have been a reminder of some of the little nuances of the NFL that make it so damn watchable. You’d be forgiven, if you just tuned into Bill Simmons’s weekly NBA vs NFL rants, or if you only follow the twitter account of some guy who […]

Upset Watch Week 15

It’s always easier when you’re winning… When I started Upset Watch in week 5, it was expressly concerned with how we can avoid falling into the trap of simply backing the favorite every week. I use statistical analysis to rank the teams vs the spread in an unbiased way, that […]

Upset Watch: Week 14

It’s Upset Watch time… What’s that? You’d like some top of the range pre-amble banter? Well you have come to the wrong place my friend, this is a serious column for serious folks only. This week we’re taking on the sports betting landscape, as New Jersey heads to the Supreme […]

Upset Watch: Week 13

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means 3 Thursday night games that could potentially be upsets. It’s a busy week for Pickwatch, and you can expect that the expert picks will be in a little sooner (hopefully…) for many networks this week. But let’s not concern ourselves with that right now! This […]

Upset Watch: Week 12