Upset Watch

Wait, we’re not going with all one word? But I thought… so it’s just ‘Upset Watch’ right? Not upsetwatch? Alright… whatever… The season has been spectacularly erratic so far, for reasons I’ll just dwell on for a second. A lot of people have become fixated on the idea that there […]

Upset Watch – Week 7

Ahoy hoy. Last week we began Upset Watch, in which I arbitrarily rank the games of the week based on the likelihood of an upset. That’s why it’s called… well you get the idea. Week 5 went extremely well. Usually, we’re going to look mainly at the top 5-6 potential […]

Upset Watch Week 6

Hello hello hello. It’s been a busy start to the year at Pickwatch, especially behind the scenes. We’re in the process of trying to secure a small amount of funding that will give you something exponentially more beneficial to your weekly pick’em and ATS/betting experience than what we currently have. […]

Week 5: Upset Watch