Pickwatch Live Blog – September 8th 2015

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September 8th 2015 – 19:49

Pickwatchtwitter PFT’s preseason predictions are in. Yes, they’re big on the Falcons… they join the season picks we’ve already got. We’re expecting a massive day on Wednesday for preseason predictions and week 1 picks. Should be interesting for people who like that sort of thing (ie: me and you guys)

That’ll be all for today – check back tomorrow morning for a big day of updates.

September 8th 2015 – 19:37

cbs John Breech over at CBS has his weekly picks article that also contains lots of extra words about stuff that may or may not interest you – amongst them, a reference to his 2014 streak of picking Chiefs games at 100% (something he probably didn’t know without our help!).

Of course, he’s put our picture up, but not said who we are. THANKS JOHN!

Because we’re not as churlish and cynical as some, you can view his article here.

September 8th 2015 – 19:17

 We’ve just sent an email reminder to our users – get those picks in! One word of caution – we’re snowed under with password reset and username requests – please check our support page before contacting us to see if your issue can be resolved.

September 8th 2015 – 18:16

 A lot of people are on the Panthers to win the NFC South – I have them coming out bottom. Agree? Disagree? before you answer, check out their WR depth chart…

Who will win the NFC South?

September 8th 2015 – 17:56

 As well as the expert picks, we also carry our own season previews and picks – if you want to fight us because we think the Redskins will finish 1-15, feel free to call us names in the comments section below (deep down, you know I’m right though…)

Who will win the NFC East?

September 8th 2015 – 16:42

accuscore Picks updated for Accuscore, who had originally picked the Steelers and not made a pick in the Carolina @ Jacksonville matchup – they’re now picking the Patriots and Jags.

Seems like a perfect time for a great gif of recently retired Jags mascot Jaxson de Ville

September 8th 2015 – 14:22

nflnetwork Michael Irvin from NFL Network has picked… 1 game. Unsurprisingly he’s taken the Pats for Thursday.

September 8th 2015 – 14:15

cbs The picks from our friends at CBS are in – they were first to the line this season and have pulled up some surprises – Pete Prisco has picked the Rams, the Browns and the Jags, the latter of whom are getting some attention. Check them out here

September 8th 2015 – 14:06

 Just to clarify, we are adding picks as they come in, however for many media outlets, pick’em sites are only set up on the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the season beginning.

That means we can’t add picks unless we see them being made, so you may need to be extra patient until it all works itself out towards the back end of the week. In some cases, it’s been known for people to miss the Thursday game altogether and start picking on Sunday.

September 8th 2015 – 19:01

 Welcome to our live blog. It’s not quite as intended unfortunately – the software we were using decided to break the site’s server capacity – but we’re updating this post as we go to keep you informed of how things are going.

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