Pickwatch Live Blog September 9th 2015

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Wow, sorry for the website outage earlier on. Some of you may have noticed a database error or two at around mid-day eastern. Hopefully that is fixed for good, because Thursdays are our busiest days, when most experts make their picks, and most of you are looking for them.

During our server related conflab, we established a couple of things that I’ll fill you in on. There are three new changes that are upcoming as soon as we can humanly get them in.

One of these will be useful (changing how we display ATS picks), one will help those on mobile sites (a dedicated mobile responsive table for the front page) and the last one… well it’s a game changer. It’s so good, I’m going to explain it in more detail on it’s own tomorrow, but rest assured it will allow you to keep track of everything that any analyst says about your team.

We’re going beyond just the straight up picks, we’re about tracking who knows what, and we’re going to make it easier than ever for you to track the experts.



Our good friend Nate Davis over at USA Today has been putting together the predictions of their writers. Some new faces in the crowd and some others sadly departed, but on we go.

They’re being uploaded as we speak onto the Season predictions page



The experts over at SBNation have picked. We’ll be adding those for the next few minutes on the main page…



Reader Mike S asks Just started using this site. It looks great. Do we see all the expert picks? AS of right now out of 125 experts, there are only 15-16 that had submitted picks.’

This is one of the more common queries we get from new uses, so let me explain how it works: We have to wait until the experts make their picks, and we then enter them into our own database so that they are stored on Pickwatch forever and ever.

As I’ve mentioned to Mike, unfortunately, there’s simply no physical way of getting the picks on the site without experts making them, but don’t worry, when they do, we’ll show them.



Signs of life from the guys at B/R – they have 8 experts picking this year, all of whom have been added into our main table now.

Missing are Andrea Hangst, Chris Hansen, Michael Schottey, Rivers McCown, Zach Kruse and Chris Simms – which was probably too much for one company anyway, but we want them to pick of course.

We’ll sit tight for now and see what happens, but we’ve already reached out to a few to do their picks directly with us.



More expert news – NFL.com put up a new pick’em page for their experts, with a much reduced roster. We’re not sure at this point if this means some guys from last year won’t pick, or whether it’ll resolve itself before the season begins.

Hopefully it’s the latter, as Coach Brian Billick and Jeff Chadiha have both been added since we first looked. Their Thursday night picks are in the books.

September 9th 2015, 08:26


Morning folks. Huge day ahead today, and the same can be said of tomorrow. The good news is that ESPN’s pick page is up already this morning, indicating we can expect some progress from them today.

ESPN Picks week 1

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