What is NFL Pickwatch?

Good question. That’s the first one we’d ask too.

Pickwatch is a comparison site for NFL experts, tracking their picks and predictions and ranking them so you can see the most accurate NFL analysts. We track, watch and stalk (figuratively) each NFL expert across every network and website, updating their picks on this site when they do.

How Much does Pickwatch cost?

Exactly $0.00. We’re completely free. It literally costs you nothing at all.


Expert Picks

When are the weekly picks updated?

The picks are updated constantly throughout the week. We watch the experts and add their picks as soon as they’re made. If you can’t see an expert’s picks, the chances are they haven’t made them yet. Occasionally, you may experience a caching issue where your page is showing a previous week (we flip to the next week on Tuesday morning). If this is the case, simply refresh your page and/or clear your cache on your browser.

What is the deadline for experts to submit picks?

Each network submits picks on a different day each week. For example, CBS usually have their picks up by Tuesday, while ESPN and FOX go with Wednesday. One constant is that almost all experts submit their picks by the kick off of Thursday Night Football. See this blog post for more information.

Do you count picks made after kick off?

No. We do not. The idea of Pickwatch is not to feed any media egos, but to give you, the reader, the best idea of who to trust. If we see evidence of tampering with picks, we’ll tell you and publicize this information for the public to see.

The only exception to this rule is if an expert picks on TV or radio and the picks are not shown on their website. If there’s evidence that someone has made a pick, we’ll accept that even if their ‘official’ site or outlet is not showing it.

What if an expert changes their pick?

We try to keep on top of all experts, and years of tracking these picks has given us a reasonable idea of who is likely to change their mind. That said, there is no way of doing this automatically, so if you find a discrepancy, simply email us at [email protected]


My Picks

Where do I make my picks?

You can make your picks on the dedicated picking page – in the menu, under ‘make my picks’

Can I change my picks?

You can change your picks right up until a couple of minutes before kick-off of each game, or in the case of NCAAF picks (due to volume of games) up until 7pm ET on gameday, after which all NCAAF games are closed off.

Is there a picking deadline?

The deadline for each NFL game is kick-off. If you miss a game, you can still pick the other games in the week.

For NCAAF games, you can pick up until 7pm ET on game day. Any games scheduled to kick off after this point will be closed.

Can I see other people’s picks?

Yes. The idea of Pickwatch is to help you make decisions. If members of the public are picking well, you can choose to follow them on certain games too. You can view them by clicking here or under ‘view user picks’.


I can’t view the table…

You must be logged in to make or view other user picks.


How can I copy this data into a spreadsheet?

Very simply, you can select the table and copy it in. If it doesn’t paste first time, please try selecting from a different point. We’ve tested this in multiple places, and the below image shows a point in the top left, next to we believe should work for you:

Week 6 Expert NFL Picks




What happens if two experts score the same in a week?

Experts are sorted by the number of games they have picked correctly, then by their yearly correct percentage, and finally by weekly score.

What happens if an expert misses a game or a week?

We will still count games picked, as it is still relevant information. For example, if a person picked 50 games each season at a rate of 80%, it may be worth knowing that their win percentage is very high.

What happens if an expert misses multiple weeks?

If an expert misses more than one week, we’ll get in touch with them to remind them. If they don’t respond and/or continue to miss multiple weeks, we’ll use common sense to decide whether they stay in the table.



When are college games updated?

As with NFL picks, our new NCAAF section is updated throughout the week when picks are made.

There are so many college games…

There are indeed. We focus on the picks for the Top 25, but we do track straight up picks across all games where they’re made. Just select your conference in the top right of the table.

Why are so many picks missing?

Unlike NFL experts, NCAAF analysts tend to pick different games. For example, a Texas based media outlet like the Dallas Morning News will pick Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Houston no matter who they are playing, while experts around the country may not. We try to ensure the games picked by the majority are on our main page.

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