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Shaun Lowrie is the founder and editor of Pickwatch, a site designed to give you a new perspective on experts in the NFL media by tracking their performance when picking games or predicting draft picks, team performance, or player potential. You can contact him at [email protected] or on twitter at @pickwatch

Happy Thursday morning chaps and non-chaps. First things first: Thanks for the great reception for Upset Watch. Apart from the main page and ATS picks, it’s the highest rated column on Pickwatch over the last 6 weeks, which I appreciate. More than anything, it’s nice to read that people enjoy […]

Upset Watch – Week 11

Hello there my oldest and dearest friends. This week upset watch is slightly truncated. Last week we saw multiple line moves and injuries that rendered it all a little bit hit and miss by Friday afternoon. So I’ll save my random thoughts on the NFL for Friday, but in the […]

Upset Watch – Week 10

Week 9 NFL Picks Against the Spread By Mario Mergola We did it! We have reached the midpoint of the 2017 NFL season. But, more specifically for this column, we have reached the midpoint of our ‘Rebound Season.’ At the time of this writing, these picks sit atop the leaderboard […]

Mario Mergola’s Free Week 9 Pick

Ahoy there, it’s time for this week’s upset watch, where we… watch.. for… So anyway, what has happened over the last few weeks is not entirely unexpected. The NFL has leveled out a little, with the supposed RANDOM CHANCE nature of the league giving way to people re-assessing their opinions […]

Upset Watch Week 9