John Halpin

“Saints win, Panthers cover?” Nailed it. The rest of Wildcard Weekend? Not so much. On the way to my son’s Saturday afternoon basketball game, we listened on the radio as Travis Kelce scored the Chiefs’ second early touchdown against the Titans. I said, “I told you the Chiefs were gonna […]

John Halpin’s Divisional NFL Picks

With the lowest Wildcard Weekend spread being six points, we can be tempted to think it’ll be a boring quartet of games. Can any of the underdogs step up? On to the picks, with selections being both straight up and against the spread unless noted otherwise. If you have any […]

John Halpin’s Wild Card NFL Picks

This could be a typically weird Week 17, with some teams resting their players. Look for the Eagles, Rams, Chiefs and Jaguars to give players time off to prepare for the playoffs, even if the Jags suggest they’re playing to win. On to the Week 17 picks, with selections being […]

John Halpin’s Week 17 NFL Picks

Every favorite won straight up in Week 15, except for maybe the Chargers (depending on the line you saw). The season has pretty much followed that script. Should I just pick all favorites from now on and save myself the time of trying to think about … anything? On to […]

John Halpin’s Week 16 NFL Picks