John Halpin

Can I get partial credit for picking the Colts last week? They were sooooo close. Eh, what am I complaining about. The success rate so far has been good, thanks partly to my lifelong Giants fandom. I knew their offense would be this bad. Let’s get to the Week 3 […]

John Halpin’s Week 3 NFL Picks

Dammit, Bears. You HAD it. You were going to make me look smart with my first successful upset selection for Pickwatch. And then … you reminded us that you’re the Bears. Curse you, Jordan Howard. The rest of the picks were so-so. I should have switched away from the Giants […]

John Halpin’s Week 2 NFL Picks

Why am I here picking NFL games? Well, I achieved one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of football by finishing atop the 2013 Pickwatch Pick’Em standings, just ahead of Ron Jaworski and a couple of computers. The fact that my subsequent finishes were 100th, 110th and 37th apparently […]

John Halpin’s Week 1 NFL Picks