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This week’s column has been one of my favorites to write. I am at heart, a statistics geek, and like many geeks, I have certain things that I hang my hat on more than others. My own NFL fetish (careful…) is for what I have decided to call (primarily because […]

Upset Watch: Week 17

This could be a typically weird Week 17, with some teams resting their players. Look for the Eagles, Rams, Chiefs and Jaguars to give players time off to prepare for the playoffs, even if the Jags suggest they’re playing to win. On to the Week 17 picks, with selections being […]

John Halpin’s Week 17 NFL Picks

As the season moves into the last few weeks, we’re looking for patterns and trends that will help us stay on the right side of upsets. I’ll outline below a concept I’ll be using called ‘Expected Upsets’ First off, let’s use this handy chart to tell us how many upsets […]

Upset Watch: Week 16